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Why Might I Need a New Sliding Door? What Customization Options Do You Offer for Sliding Doors? Why Should I Choose Your Company for My Sliding Door Installation? Contact Opal Enterprises for Your Sliding Door Installation in Fox Valley, IL

A sliding door in a home can make or break a home’s design. If your door is old and doesn’t function as good as it once did, it’s probably time for a sliding door. A new sliding door can help you enter and exit your home’s patio or backyard with ease.

At Opal Enterprises, we’re dedicated to taking your home and beautifying it with new exterior installations. Our Fox Valley sliding door installation team can help you refresh your home’s aesthetic and install a new sliding door.

Why Might I Need a New Sliding Door?

As the years pass by, your sliding door likely has taken some damage, whether it be from extreme weather conditions or just habitual wear and tear. Whatever the reason is, our sliding door installation team in Fox Valley can help you find a durable door that fits your home’s style.

Home Renovation

One of the most common reasons homeowners choose to get a new sliding door is that they’ve renovated their home, and their sliding door doesn’t match their home’s interior aesthetic anymore.

Renovating your home is a great way to give your home a refresh along with other features of your home. Installing a new sliding door can help guarantee its longevity and prevent any issues you would’ve had with your old door.

Water Damage

Water buildup, also known as condensation, is another reason you may want to replace your sliding door. Condensation occurs when there is an excess of water inside your door. This usually stems from improper ventilation in your home.

Eventually, condensation in your sliding door can damage the lining of your door and cause other issues, such as breakage, and even contribute to the growth of mold.


A drafty home may also be a good reason to replace your sliding door. When doors get worn down, their sealing can no longer keep out the cold and hot air that can enter your home. You can identify a draft by moving your hand around the edges of your door to see if you feel gusts of wind. If you do, it’s a good idea to order a sliding door installation for your Fox Valley home.

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What Customization Options Do You Offer for Sliding Doors?

In addition to providing high-quality sliding doors, we also give you the option to customize your sliding door. When you choose our remodeling team, you can choose from these customization options:

  • Brand: Our partnerships with companies like Andersen Windows & Doors and ProVia allow us to give you the option to choose from a wide selection of sliding doors varying in style and size. You can choose the one that matches your home’s style and your taste.
  • Color and finish: You can choose a color and varnish that gives your home the pop of energy or the feel of elegance you desire. Our large gallery of paint colors allows you to explore your creative design side for your home.
  • Frame material: Depending on the style of your home, we have a range of different types of frames you can choose for your sliding door installation. We can frame your door with fiberglass, wood clad, or vinyl.
  • Additional features: You’ll be able to choose add-ons such as built-in blinds, in-glass grills, and durable sliding door locks. These features can make you feel safer and make your home more beautiful.

Our customization options for sliding door installations set us apart from other home remodeling companies in Illinois. We offer quality products that you can match to your home to give it personality. If you have any questions about our customization options, our Fox Valley sliding door installers can answer them.

Why Should I Choose Your Company for My Sliding Door Installation?

When you’re deciding on what home remodeling company to hire for your sliding door installation project, you likely have dozens to choose from. That’s why we make an effort to provide you with high-quality products and a positive home remodeling experience.

Customer Service

One way we stand out from other remodeling companies is our high-quality customer service. Our sliding door installers show up on time with the experience and passion necessary to complete a quality installation of sliding doors. Throughout the process of installation, we ask for your feedback to make sure that you are satisfied with the product and your installation.

Quality Products

We also provide our customers with high-quality products that we can install in your home. Our partnerships enhance the value of our company because of our partnerships’ strong warranties and quality products.

So, when you choose our company, you can feel confident that your sliding door installation will be of top quality. And if it’s not, you will likely be covered under our warranty or the manufacturer’s.

These qualities make our home remodeling company different than others. Our installation team is on the same page, unlike other freelance contractors. So, we can install your sliding door quickly and efficiently. If you’re looking for a passionate team of home remodeling professionals, our team can help.

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Contact Opal Enterprises for Your Sliding Door Installation in Fox Valley, IL

A sliding door is an important part of your home, so you should have the best quality possible. With Opal Enterprises, we make it easy for you to have top-of-the-line products without the stress of installing them yourself.

Our team is experienced with Fox Valley sliding door installations, and we’re ready to install your customized sliding door to accent your home. For a free consultation, call us or fill out the contact form on our website.