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Materials and Types of Sliding Doors From Opal Exteriors When Should Your Sliding Door Be Replaced? Benefits of New Sliding Door Installation in Mount Prospect Speak With the Mount Prospect Sliding Door Installation Experts

From the surface, installing sliding doors may seem like an easy task. While there is some truth to it, this project is no easy feat. That said, installing sliding doors can be a breeze by seeking the help of experienced home renovators, such as Opal Exteriors.

We will schedule an appointment and discuss your wants and needs at your convenience. We will draw up the desired outcome with all your points in mind and present you with a flawless installation project. If you aren’t convinced, we will explain our process and what we can do for you.

Materials and Types of Sliding Doors From Opal Exteriors

Choosing the correct style of sliding door for your home is imperative. There are countless different styles to choose from, which include:

  • Single entry sliding doors
  • Double-entry sliding doors
  • Sliding doors with decorative glass and sidelights
  • Sliding doors
  • Customized sliding doors in specialty shapes

No matter the type of sliding door you are looking for, Opal Exteriors can be of assistance. We can not only offer the types of common sliding doors you have in your home but also make custom orders to fit the vision of your home in Mount Prospect.

Choose a Material to Match Your Taste

After choosing the type of sliding door that fits your home, you will need to choose the materials you wish to utilize. We offer various types of materials for your sliding door. For instance, the materials available for use are:

  • Wood: This material is used to increase the curb appeal and beauty of your home drastically. Wood has many benefits as well, including durability and sound resistance. Additionally, wood doors can be stained or painted to match the siding or style of your home.
  • Fiberglass: Known as a superior material, fiberglass is incredibly durable and low maintenance. Unlike wood doors, fiberglass doesn’t crack or rot, so there is no re-finishing or tedious ongoing maintenance.
  • Steel: Steel is a commonly used material for entry points in the home because of its strength. This material is considered to be very long-lasting, and homeowners find it easy to maintain.
  • Vinyl: Known as the most affordable material used for doors, vinyl is a great choice for homeowners that are seeking energy efficiency and easy installation. Vinyl can be made in any color and is easily customizable, making it easy to fit the vision of your home.
  • Anderson Fibrex: Fibrex material is somewhat of a combination of wood, vinyl, and fiberglass in one material. Commonly used for patio doors, this is an innovative choice for your sliding door.

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When Should Your Sliding Door Be Replaced?

Sliding doors can last ages, but like any other item in your home, there is a limit. A typical sliding door can last anywhere from twenty to thirty years before it shows signs of aging. Here are some of the most common signs of aging to look for:

  • Damages to the frame of your sliding door
  • Difficulty opening and closing the sliding door
  • Moisture and fog within the glass panes of the door
  • A track misalignment
  • Drafts coming from the bottom or top of your sliding door
  • Any water or outside debris coming into your home
  • Locks that aren’t working properly

If any of these signs are happening, it may be the right time to consider replacing your sliding door. Sliding doors aren’t just a window to the outside space of your property but are also a meaningful connection that must be managed.

Benefits of New Sliding Door Installation in Mount Prospect

Sliding doors are beneficial to the home for many reasons. However, it is a worthwhile investment when it comes time to replace them. If you want to enhance your home’s appearance while also adding security and ease to your home, sliding doors will do the trick.

Here are some of the most common benefits of sliding door installation in Mount Prospect:

  • Easier flow: A sliding door is the entry and exit between your home and your outdoor space. Depending on what you are looking for, installing a sliding door can be fit to size for your needs, making the traffic flow in and out of your home seamless.
  • Security: As with anything in the home, locks and security features can experience wear and tear. Sliding doors can now lock from the inside and the outside, creating a better sense of security in your home. Some entries also have the option for upgraded locking mechanisms, offering an even better sense of security.
  • More natural light: A sliding door replacement can be varied, giving you the option to make the door larger, offering a better view of the exterior of your home. A fun feature that offers even more light into your home is added lights on your sliding door, which gives your space more brightness.
  • Increased home value: You’ve heard it all before; home improvements can quickly boost the value of your home. Whether you are replacing windows, siding, or sliding doors, new and updated features can increase the resale value of your home.

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Speak With the Mount Prospect Sliding Door Installation Experts

When it comes time to replace your sliding doors, it is worth seeking the help of professionals. Sliding door installation in mount prospect can be easy with Opal Exteriors by your side. With our high-quality products and easy installation process, we can bring any vision to life.

If you have questions about our process, please feel free to contact us today. We can offer you a free estimate and work with you until you are pleased with our offer.