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  1. Windows We Offer for Replacement in Mount Prospect
  2. Which Window Type Needs Replacement?
  3. Comprehensive Window Replacement for Your Home in Mount Prospect

You’ve long known that you need new windows but keep putting off the project. That’s okay. Any worthwhile home remodeling job should be approached with care and forethought. How else can you be sure that the windows you choose will blend well with your home’s design and décor and be durable enough to withstand the worst Midwest weather? 

Researching different types of windows and asking your neighbors about windows that have worked well for them will definitely be helpful. But the surest way to kickstart your Mount Prospect home window replacement project is to partner with a knowledgeable and experienced contractor. 

You’ll find that with Opal Enterprises, a company that has been named a Top 500 Remodeler by Qualified Remodeler.

Windows We Offer for Replacement in Mount Prospect

Every home is different and will be a host to different sizes and shapes of windows. Because of this, we offer a comprehensive list of a variety of window replacement options for your home. With different materials and custom orders, we can suit any type of window that needs replacing in your Mount Prospect home. 

Some of the windows we can install include:

  • Fiberglass windows: These windows can ensure protection against the harsh weather conditions that the Chicagoland area faces. Additionally, these windows can last years, ultimately making fiberglass windows an investment. 
  • Wood windows: If you are looking for a sleek and gorgeous look, wood windows are perfect for your home. Our wood windows are dressed in aluminum and vinyl, allowing them to resist the elements as the seasons change.  
  • Composite windows: These windows are made from a blend of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, making them a better choice than aluminum windows. This type of window can resist material peeling, rot, flaking, decay, fungal growth, peeling and even rusting. Many homeowners will choose this window due to its durability. 
  • Vinyl windows: Vinyl windows are known for their energy efficiency and quick installation process. These windows are able to cool your home in the hot months and keep your home warm when needed. Furthermore, your utility bills will decrease due to the quality and efficiency of choosing vinyl windows. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Which Window Type Needs Replacement?

There are countless types of windows that can be found in the home. And, there are a few things you should know when it comes to choosing windows. For example, it’s crucial to know the type of window you are looking to replace. 

Here are some of the typical window types we can replace in your Mount Prospect home. 

  • Double-hung windows: These windows allow you to open them from the top or bottom and are usually tilted inwards. They are pretty common in most households. 
  • Awning windows: Typically found in the bathroom or smaller spaces, these windows are perfect for letting natural light and fresh air into your home. They are hinged at the top and open outward in most cases. 
  • Bay windows: As one of the most beautiful window types, a bay window is a large window that offers homeowners plenty of natural light for a given room. Generally, these windows are made with three large glass panels, with a picture window in the middle.

Whether you want traditional single-hung windows for your bedrooms, an awning window for a bathroom, or bay windows for a dramatic den makeover, you can trust our precisely crafted products from Andersen, Kolbe, and Alside will function dependably and ward off weather damage, no matter how harsh the seasons. 

Plus, our windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards for thermal efficiency. So, they can make it easier for your HVAC system to maintain a comfortable temperature, which in turn can trim your energy bills.

Comprehensive Window Replacement for Your Home in Mount Prospect

At Opal Exteriors, we start our window replacement projects with detailed consultations. That means, one of our window specialists will sit down with you to assess your needs and discuss the window styles, features, and options that would work best. 

We emphasize collaboration on our window replacement projects, meaning with our professional guidance, you’ll be able to select windows in your preferred style and with numerous customizations to satisfy practically any design requirement.

If you would like to learn more about our Mount Prospect, IL, window replacement services, contact us. Be sure to ask about the special financing options available!