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Have you recently finished new construction and found yourself in the market for new windows? You can install a new array of windows on your own if you like, but doing so has some inherent risks. If you haven’t installed a set of windows before, you might break your materials or otherwise improperly fit your set. 

An improper installation can see your windows give way in the face of poor weather or building wear and tear. If you want to rely on your windows’ strength in the long term, it’s in your best interest to invest in a professional installation. Fortunately, Opal Enterprises is here to help. You can count on our experienced window installation team to install your new set in no time at all.

Opal Enterprises Can Install a Range of Windows

Today’s properties benefit from a wide range of windows. Whether you’re looking to replace an older, faulty set of windows or install an entirely new set, you can select your installation from a range of options. Opal Enterprises’ team of installation experts can help you install any of the following:

We Recommend Windows and Styles That Suit Your Home

Our team doesn’t recommend certain types of windows on a whim. When the time comes to install a new set on your property, we can help you find the set that suits your style and energy concerns. We do this by creating a 3D render of your property. In doing so, we can test out different styles of windows against your home before purchasing your set of choice.

You can always bring your window-based concerns, be they energy-oriented or aesthetic in nature, to an initial consultation with our installation team. Opal Enterprises strives to make your window installation experience as stress-free and personalized as possible.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Working With a Window Contractor

You can choose to install a new set of windows on your own. That said, doing so can prove expensive and time-consuming, particularly if you don’t have any experience with home repair or improvement. What’s more, incorrectly installing a new set of windows can see your energy bill skyrocket, even before you correct any mistakes you made during construction.

That’s why it’s in your best interest to collaborate with a window installation contractor. Contractors have the expertise to install your ideal set of windows without compromising the windows’ make. You can count on an expert to prioritize the safety and security of your home, all while saving you money.

What is the Average Cost of a Window Installation?

In general, there’s no “average” amount of money that a window installation might cost. The cost of a project will vary based on the size of your property, the number of windows you want installed, and the type of window you want to invest in.

That said, Opal Enterprises estimates the average cost of a window replacement to run between $180 and $2,100 per window. You can schedule a consultation with our window installation experts to more accurately calculate the cost of your upcoming window installation.

When to Replace a Window

What’s the difference between installing a new window and replacing an old window? Functionally, there isn’t a difference. Contractors have to remove the old window on a replacement job, but otherwise, the process looks the same.

When, though, should you consider replacing an old window with a new model? If you notice your energy bill spiking or if there’s visible damage done to an existing window, it may be time to consider a replacement. You can call Opal Enterprises’ contractors out to your home to conduct a window inspection ahead of a possible replacement.

How to Maintain a Newly-Installed Window

There are steps you can take to effectively care for a newly replaced or newly installed window. Keeping the window clean and preserving the seal can both extend the window’s lifespan and keep your energy costs low.

You can discuss specific care processes for wood or similar materials with the contractors who initially install your windows.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Call on Opal Enterprises for Your Upcoming Window Installation

When the time comes to install new windows around your property, consider letting a professional take the reins. Opal Enterprises hosts a team of installation experts that can help you quickly and efficiently find windows that suit your needs. 

Once you’ve seen your ideal windows modeled on our 3D software, we can purchase your selection and complete the installation process. From there, you can count on our long-term installation warranty to help you with any damage that might crop up over the years.

Ready to learn more about Opal Enterprises’ window installation process? Contact us today to schedule an installation consultation.