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  1. How Are Sunroom Windows Different than Other Types of Windows?
  2. What Benefits Can Sun Lounge Windows Bring to Your Home?
  3. Can You Have Privacy When You Have Sunroom Windows?
  4. What Type of Window Should Your Sunroom Windows Be?
  5. Contact Our Passionate Sunroom Window Specialists Today

A sun-filled room in your home can elevate your home and your health. Sun lounge windows can bring an abundance of sunshine into your home, providing a natural heat source.

Opal Enterprises is dedicated to helping you achieve the sunspace you want. First, we work with exterior and interior designers to ensure the window style is right for your home. Then, our team of sunroom window installation contractors will install the windows to enhance the beauty of your home.

How Are Sunroom Windows Different than Other Types of Windows?

Sunroom windows’ purpose is to allow more light into your home to illuminate the room you choose to install them in. Because of this, sunroom windows are larger than most windows our team of contractors install. So when you think of sunroom windows, think of a canvas for your living room or patio, whichever room you decide to install them in.

Windows for sunrooms are also stronger than other types of windows to withhold their large size and ensure they can endure various weather conditions. To help with the process of your sunspace, we have a partnership with Kolbe Windows, a window manufacturer known for its durability and wide range of selections.

If you don’t see the type of windows you want for your sunroom on our website or in our showroom, we can work with our partner to make a custom window just for you and your home. We’re ready to help you create a sunroom that makes you feel like you’re looking at a live canvas from your window.

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What Benefits Can Sun Lounge Windows Bring to Your Home?

When our clients are debating whether they should install sunroom windows in their homes, we list the benefits of this type of window so they can choose if sunroom windows are right for them. The most notable benefits of sunroom windows include the following:

More Natural Light

One of the biggest benefits of sun lounge windows or having a sunroom is the additional natural light they can bring into your home. More natural light can accentuate the decor and style of your home, giving it a golden-hour feel during the day.

In addition, having more natural light can have a positive effect on your mood. Many medical experts and studies point to more natural light effectively combating depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder when winter rolls around. By having access to sunlight, which provides vitamin D and helps promote the release of Serotonin, you can brighten your mood anytime by walking into the sunlight coming into the room.

More natural light also can help you save a lot of money on your heating bills, especially during the winter. Our sunroom windows are energy efficient, so they have a better seal and can help your home retain heat more easily. So if it’s a cold but sunny winter day, you’ll only notice the warmth the sun brings into your home, with no cold air drafts.

Increased Home Value

Sunroom windows can also increase the value of your home, whether you’re planning to sell your house in the future or sometime soon. When we install sunroom windows in your home, you’ll notice an immediate increase in space. Unlike traditional windows, which are confined to one area, sunroom windows branch out across the walls, opening your home.

Especially if you’re adding the sunroom as a new room in your home, the increase in square footage will make your home worth more. But if you don’t want to go through building an entirely new room, having our sunroom window installation contractors install sunroom windows in a room of your choice can also give the same effect as a new room.

The additional space, upgraded windows, and your home’s energy efficiency will boost your home’s value to potential buyers. And if you’re not planning on selling your home, you’ll be able to take pride in the beautiful space you’ve created.

Can You Have Privacy When You Have Sunroom Windows?

Even though sun lounge windows are intended to bring more light into your home, that also means people can see more easily into your home. There are plenty of ways to create privacy in your home while enjoying your sunroom.

Curtains are a great way to cultivate privacy in your home since you can open them during the day and close them at night. Decorating with curtains can add an upscale look to your sunroom while still making sunlight accessible at any time.

There are also privacy films you can use to prevent people from seeing inside your home, but that will still allow you to see outside. The best option would be a one-way privacy film; that way, you can still enjoy the sun and nature without worrying about people seeing into your home.

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What Type of Window Should Your Sunroom Windows Be?

When choosing windows for your sunroom, it’s helpful to remember that the purpose is to open up the room. Our team of exterior design experts and partners can help you choose the right windows for you and your sunroom. Our most popular options for sunspace windows are:

Fixed Pane Windows

A classic option for many sunrooms is fixed pane windows. They don’t have any handles and don’t open, so they are optimal for enjoying the view and keeping the heat in. These wood frames covered in glass allow sunlight to shine in and warm the room.

These windows are easy to clean and don’t require maintenance throughout the seasons since they don’t open. As a result, you’ll be able to enjoy the sun and the stars from the comfort of your home.

Picture Windows

Another type of window that’s an excellent option for a sunroom is picture windows. Similar to fixed pane windows in that they are non-functional, they allow you to have a wide-frame view of the outdoors. This style of windows will expand the room, making it feel endless as you can see all around you.

We also have a partnership with Andersen Windows and Doors, a leading window manufacturer that specializes in picture windows and can even create specialty-shaped windows. So if you’re going for more of a unique style, we can communicate your requests to our partner.

Contact Our Passionate Sunroom Window Specialists Today

Our team of sunroom windows installation contractors at Opal Enterprises is ready to help you convert the room of your choice into a beautiful, warm sunroom. You’ll be able to give your HVAC system a break and soak up the vitamin D the natural light provides.

Call us or fill out the contact form on our website to get started planning with our team of experienced contractors.