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Garden Windows Installation

What can we help you find today?

Our team at Opal Enterprises can help with your garden windows installation in Illinois. We use our decades of experience to keep the installation process stress-free. We work quickly and carefully, backing our work with a lifetime labor warranty. 

A garden window can improve the curb appeal of your home. We only install windows from well-known and well-respected manufacturers, allowing you to feel more confident when contacting us for help. 

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Should You Install a Garden Window in Illinois?

Garden windows (sometimes called greenhouse windows) project out of your home, serving as a kind of display space. These windows often boost the appearance of your home from the inside and the outside, improving your property value. 

If you already have a garden window that has worn out over time, we can replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient model. Our licensed, bonded, and insured window installation crews can also put in a new window if you’re looking to:

Get Better Views in Your Home

Garden windows tend to be large, providing a lot of surface area and great views of the exterior of your home. They also increase the natural light allowed into your home, which can help brighten your home. 

Increased Space

Garden windows project out from the wall, giving you a nook you can use to open up a room in your home. Many property owners use this space for plants, but you can also place other items in the window. 

Boosted Ventilation

You can minimize the stuffiness of your home with garden windows. Opening these large windows can allow a breeze to easily move through your home, freshening up the space and helping you save on your energy costs by cooling your property. 

Reasons to Hire Us for Illinois Garden Window Installation

We understand that you want a chance to work with a team you can trust when handling garden windows installation in Illinois. Our team at Opal Enterprises provides two decades of industry experience, giving us the confidence to manage your installation job. 

We maintain open communication throughout the process, answering your questions and helping you pick the garden window that meets your specific needs. We can adjust for different room sizes and locations around your home. 

We only work with highly-trained window installation technicians who can access top-of-the-line installation equipment. We provide quick quotes for jobs and always treat our customers with the respect they deserve. 

How Are Garden Windows Installed in Illinois?

The installation process for garden windows includes several steps. Our team handles all aspects of the installation, making things easy for you. When you reach out to us, we’ll: 

Review Your Options

You’ll meet with our team to discuss your goals for garden windows installation. We’ll go over the kinds of windows we offer, allowing you to pick the style, color, and material you want us to use. Depending on your preferences, you may want the following: 

  • Fiberglass windows 
  • Wood windows
  • Composite windows
  • Vinyl windows 

We’ll discuss the benefits of each option. For example, fiberglass windows often have a high energy-efficiency rating. Then, once you decide, we’ll offer you a quote for the job, moving forward only after you accept our bid. 

Remove Your Old Windows

We can remove and dispose of your old garden windows before replacing your new windows. We understand the process for safely getting rid of these items and can help you avoid the stress of disposal. 

Install Your New Garden Windows

Once we get your old windows out, we’re ready to install your new garden windows in Illinois. We work quickly and don’t cut any corners through the installation process. Our crews maintain a professional attitude, and an on-site supervisor can answer your questions during the installation. 

Clean Up Your Property

We don’t leave behind a mess for you to handle when we finish garden window installation. Instead, we remove any debris left behind by the process and check each window we install to ensure everything is correct. 

Perform a Final Walkthrough

After we finish the installation and cleanup, the on-site project manager will perform a walk-through with you. Then, we’ll discuss the proper care of your new garden window and review the details of our lifetime labor warranty. 

How Much does Garden Window Installation Cost?

The cost of garden windows installation can shift based on the make and model of the windows you select. We work with several manufacturers, providing our clients with various options to choose from so we can fit your budget. 

The material you select can also change the cost of your windows. For example, wood window frames often cost more than some other options. We’ll discuss the cost of various solutions with you, allowing you to find the choice that meets your needs. 

We also provide financing for garden window installation

How Long does Garden Window Installation Take?

It can take several hours to install garden windows, depending on their location in your home and whether the crews need to remove your old windows first. We will provide a more exact estimate for time once we speak with you about the job.  

Our team values your time, so we work quickly. However, we won’t cut corners, taking time to handle the proper installation of your garden window. 

Speak to Us to Schedule Garden Window Installation

You can turn to our team at Opal Enterprises if you’re interested in garden windows installation in Illinois. Let us put our experience, training, and resources to work. We can update your home, improving the look of your property and raising the property value. 

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