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Picture Windows Installation

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Are you interested in a new picture window for your how in Illinois? Our team at Opal Enterprises has decades of experience handling picture window replacement and installation in new construction projects. 

Our licensed, bonded, and insured crews have the training and equipment to handle picture windows installation quickly and without cutting any corners. We focus on ensuring you have a great remodel experience, answering any questions you have throughout the process.

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When Do You Need a New Picture Window in Illinois?

Some homeowners decide to add a picture window to their property during remodeling. Others choose to replace a preexisting window after noticing causes for concern. In general, you may want to consider a replacement if you notice the following: 

  • Drafts around the window
  • Moisture gathering inside panes of glass 
  • Increases in your energy expenses 
  • Soft spots or mold around the window frame 

Well-cared-for picture windows may last several decades before they require replacement. However, we can assess the condition of your current window when you contact us, providing advice about a replacement. 

What Are the Benefits of a New Picture Window?

Picture windows are large and generally only have a single sheet of glass, providing an unbroken look into your yard. Many property owners place picture windows in the living room or another area where people gather to spend a lot of time. 

These windows provide you with numerous advantages. Homeowners often choose picture windows to:

Bring More Light Into Their Homes

Standard picture windows can be up to eight feet wide and eight feet tall, though they also come in smaller sizes. Their great size means they can allow a lot of light to pour into your home, brightening up the interior space. 

Enjoy a Beautiful View

If you have a lovely exterior to your home, you can enjoy it with a picture window. These wide windows allow you to take a panoramic look at your surroundings while enjoying the warmth and comfort of your home. 

Boost Energy Efficiency

Our team installs windows that have many energy-efficient features. These windows can help you reduce the costs for your monthly energy expenses, allowing you to save money over the long term. 

Why Choose Us for Picture Windows Installation in Illinois?

Our team at Opal Enterprises has the experience, training, and equipment to handle picture windows installation for clients like you. We’ve spent decades handling window installation for our clients, giving us extensive experience that we put to work for you. 

We work with highly trained window installation crews who treat you with respect, and we consider your needs throughout the installation process. We maintain option communication with you and:

  • Discuss your remodeling goals
  • Go over all the picture window choices available
  • Provide you with a quote for the job promptly
  • Schedule your installation
  • Remove and dispose of your old picture window
  • Install the new window
  • Clean up any mess made by the installation process
  • Perform a walkthrough to check for any issues 

We back up our picture window installation services with a lifetime labor warranty, allowing you to reach out to us quickly if you notice any issues after the remodel. Find out more about our services by calling or completing our online contact form. 

What Kind of Picture Window Can You Choose in Illinois?

Our team at Opal Enterprises works with brand-name window manufacturers like Kolbe, Andersen, and Provia. Our relationships with these companies allow us to offer you access to a wide range of picture window products. 

We can help you pick the right size for your window and identify a style that meets your tastes. We also take the time to help you identify the material you want to use for your window, which can include the following: 

  • Wood 
  • Composite material
  • Vinyl 
  • Fiberglass 

Each material has unique benefits. For example, many homeowners find wooden frames very elegant, giving their property a traditional touch. In addition, we focus on sustainability with our wooden windows, only using materials that receive Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. 

We also offer a range of choices with EnergyStar® certification, which can help keep your home more energy efficient. 

How Much Does it Cost to Put a Picture Window In?

The costs for picture windows installation can vary significantly depending on the size of the window you want and the brand you select. For example, some picture windows are one foot by one foot, while others can reach over eight feet in width, taking much more time to install. 

We’ll discuss the costs when you contact us to discuss the remodeling plan. Then, we’ll focus on your needs and review pricing options that fit your budget. 

Can You Finance Picture Window Installation in Illinois?

Our company offers access to financing options that can help you pay for your picture window installation. You won’t have to worry about closing costs or prepayment penalties when you work with us. 

How Long Does Picture Window Installation Take?

Installing new picture windows on your property can take a few hours. However, the exact time varies because these windows come in so many different sizes. We can provide a more precise estimate when you contact us to discuss your goals. 

We take our time to make sure we complete the job correctly in Illinois.  

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You can contact our team at Opal Enterprises for help with picture windows installation in Illinois. We’ll discuss your project goals and how we can help you. We work quickly and treat you with respect throughout the project.

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