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Double-Hung Windows Installation

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Why Hire Us for Double-Hung Window Installation in Illinois? What Are the Benefits of Installation Double-Hung Windows? Should You Get Double- or Triple-Pane Windows? What Types of Double-Hung Windows do We Install? How Much does It Cost to Install a Double-Hung Window? How do We Handle Double-Hung Window Installation in Illinois? How Long does Double-Hung Window Installation Take? Contact Us for Double-Hung Window Installation

Are you looking for help with double-hung windows installation in Illinois? If so, you can turn to our team at Opal Enterprises for help. We have decades of experience and work with licensed, bonded, and insured installation technicians. 

We can replace old double-hung windows or help with new construction. Find out more about our services by calling or completing our online contact form. We’ll get back to you quickly to discuss your home renovation plans.

Why Hire Us for Double-Hung Window Installation in Illinois?

Are you looking for the right team to install double-hung windows in your home? Our team at Opal Enterprises has two decades of experience, giving us the knowledge to quickly and effectively handle the installation. 

We work with highly qualified crews who use top-of-the-line installation equipment while treating you respectfully. Our teams also have training in the safe removal of older windows that may contain lead, keeping your family safe from hazards monitored by the EPA

We provide open communication throughout the installation process and go over all your needs before providing you with a fast quote on the job. Furthermore, we back our work with a lifetime labor warranty, showing our confidence in our abilities. 

Questions? Call 847-380-8868 in Des Plaines and 888-676-6725 in Naperville

What Are the Benefits of Installation Double-Hung Windows?

Double-hung windows differ from single-hung models because each sash in the window can move up and down. Therefore, you can lift the bottom of the window or lower the top pane of glass, giving you more options. 

These windows tend to cost more than single-hung windows, leading some homeowners to wonder if the benefits are worth the extra expense. Selecting double-hung windows for your home offers you the following:

Improved Energy Efficiency

Double-hung windows have a reputation for high Energy Star ratings. In addition, they tend to better insulate homes, easing the burden on your heating and cooling system, especially if you install a double- or triple-paned model, such as the ones we offer. 

Better Ventilation

You can open your double-hung windows from the top or bottom, making it easier to increase ventilation throughout your home. Opening the top and bottom simultaneously lets you get warm out of your house while bringing cool air in, keeping your home more comfortable in the summer. 

Easier Maintenance and Cleaning

It’s very easy to clean double-hung windows, even on the upper levels of your home. In addition, you can tilt the windows in when you want to clean them, allowing you to access the inside and outside glass without needing a ladder. 

Increased Safety for Children

Do you have small children and worry about them near your windows? Double-hung windows allow you to safely get some fresh air while ensuring children cannot crawl through or fall out the window since you can open the top only. 

Contact our professional team to learn more about the benefits of double-hung windows installation. 

Should You Get Double- or Triple-Pane Windows?

All of our double-hung windows come in either double- or triple-pane. The increased panes in these windows provide numerous benefits, as they can:

  • Reduce outside noise, keeping your home quieter
  • Help insulate your home, reducing your energy expenses 
  • Limit UV penetration in your home 
  • Keep you more comfortable 

We offer both options to give you more choices when selecting the right double-hung window for your property. We’ll discuss the best choice for your home when you contact us about the installation project. 

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What Types of Double-Hung Windows do We Install?

We work with well-known window manufacturers to provide our clients with the best options for double-hung windows installation. Depending on your needs, we may recommend that you select the following:

  • Composite windows
  • Vinyl windows 
  • Fiberglass windows 
  • Wood windows 

We offer windows in many different styles and sizes. In addition, our options cover a range of prices, allowing you to find an option that fits your budget for window installation or replacement. 

How Much does It Cost to Install a Double-Hung Window?

The costs to install a double-hung window can vary based on the brand, model, and material you select. We’ll review windows in your price range, allowing you to choose one that fits your budget and taste. 

How do We Handle Double-Hung Window Installation in Illinois?

Our team uses the scope of our experience to handle double-hung windows installation. First, we get started with a consultation to discuss your goals for the installation. During this meeting, we’ll review your preferences for style, color, and material. 

After the meeting, we’ll develop a plan and draw up a quote for you to review. If you accept the quote, we can get to work by:  

  • Ordering your double-hung windows
  • Removing your old windows
  • Installing the new double-hung windows 
  • Cleaning up the mess from installation 
  • Performing a final walkthrough of your property 

We’ll answer any questions you have throughout the process and dispose of the old windows for you. Find out more by contacting us now. 

How Long does Double-Hung Window Installation Take?

Double-hung window installation typically takes a few hours. However, we may require more time to complete the job, depending on how many windows we need to install or replace for you. 

We focus on working quickly but without cutting corners when we take on a double-hung window installation job in Illinois. We’ll also take the time to explain our lifetime labor warranty after we finish the installation process. 

Contact Us for Double-Hung Window Installation

You can work with our team at Opal Enterprises if you’re interested in double-hung windows installation in Illinois. We take pride in our work and continually adapt to the needs of our clients. We work quickly and treat you with respect throughout the process. 

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