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How Long Will It Take to Have My Windows Replaced?

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  1. Differences Between Small and Large Homes
  2. Possibility for Delays 
  3. The Timeline 
  4. Why Opal Enterprises Is Your Trusted Window Replacement Company

Planning a window replacement project has many different considerations. You must choose the style, colors, fixtures, and more. That is only part of the process. You must then prepare with the installer to determine a schedule and estimated timeline for the work. 

Let Opal Enterprises work with you on a window replacement project. During our consultation, we can determine what you want and provide an estimate for how long it will take to have your windows replacement in Des Plaines or Naperville..

Differences Between Small and Large Homes

For smaller homes, the window replacement process will be faster, as many companies can replace 10 to 15 windows daily. You may only have a one or two-day project on your hand. 

However, always leave space for extra time, as several factors can extend the timeline. When you work with Opal Enterprises, we will have a timeline we expect and will communicate any delays accordingly so that you can alter your schedule if the need arises. 

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Possibility for Delays 

While a window project can go reasonably quickly, there is always the possibility of delays. Two factors can delay the process: the time of year and the manufacturer. 

The time of year is the first and most critical. In the summer, many Naperville homeowners take advantage of the downtime and the weather. The summer is the busiest time, and there will be delays in getting you on the construction schedule. 

Another factor that can delay the installation is the manufacturer. Luckily, Naperville residents do not need to concern themselves too much with this delay since Chicago is the home to many window manufacturers. However, if you choose an out-of-state manufacturer, you will need to wait until the windows arrive. 

The Timeline 

On average, replacing one window will take between 40 minutes to an hour. The time will vary depending on the window location and team size. When you begin the process of a window replacement project, there will be several steps. 

First, you will need to find a contractor, then choose the window styles and colors. They will come out and measure the windows before they place an order. There will be downtime while the team orders the windows in the style and color you desire; any special requests can also delay the arrival of the windows. 

Once the windows arrive, you and your contractor will find a date that works for your Naperville window replacement. The day comes, and your contractor will get to work. They will take out the old windows and install the new ones. They will level the windows and ensure they all work. 

Naperville window installers will also insulate the cavities and anchor the windows. You can also ask about cladding since not every installer offers this service. From the time you contact a contractor to finishing your window replacement, it can be a month or two. 

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Why Opal Enterprises Is Your Trusted Window Replacement Company

Before crews arrive at your home, you should do a few things to prepare. While the window installation will primarily happen outside your home, you also need to prepare the inside of your home. Ensure a clear path to the windows inside and outside of your home. Take items off of the walls and remove any window treatments you have up. 

Opal Enterprises works to stay on schedule with all of our window replacement projects. We will communicate any delays or concerns. When ready to replace your Naperville windows, visit our Naperville showroom and talk to our dedicated team. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.