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  1. Opal Enterprises Helps You Replace a Wide Range of Windows
  2. What to Expect from the Window Replacement Process
  3. Working With Professionals Saves You Time and Money
  4. Let Opal Enterprises Go to Work for You Today

The time has come for you to replace the windows around your home or business. Is there any value in doing the job yourself, though? More often than not, the answer is no. DIY window replacements can end up costing more than professional services while making more demands of your time.

Fortunately, Opal Enterprises has your back. Our team of window replacement professionals in Schaumburg wants to help you update your property’s windows today. We offer custom replacement consultations and help you plot out your budget long before bringing new windows onto your property.

You can learn more about our window replacement and installation services today.

Opal Enterprises Helps You Replace a Wide Range of Windows

Opal Enterprise’s team of experienced professionals doesn’t limit itself to working on a certain type of window. We help you replace any and all kinds of windows throughout your business or home. We have ample experience working with a range of windows like the following:

Don’t see your window of choice on that list? Don’t worry. You can also meet with our team to discuss what other types of windows you might want replaced across your property.

Your Window Replacement Services are as Unique as You

While the process of replacing a window tends to look the same from project to project, no two clients want the same thing. Opal Enterprises knows that and works to meet clients’ needs accordingly. You can work with our team ahead of time to map out the window replacement that you want.

In turn, we can help you visualize the window replacement you want. Our team relies on 3D modeling software to help people like you visualize what your new windows might look like. Once you’ve chosen a window style that suits your best interests, we can estimate the cost of your replacement services.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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What to Expect from the Window Replacement Process

When you first reach out to Opal Enterprises to discuss window replacement services, you can expect the team to walk you through the following steps:

Your Initial Consultation

You’re welcome to meet with our window replacement staff at your leisure. You are not obligated to commit to a window replacement during this initial consultation. Instead, you can use this consultation to get to know our team. Our team can then ask questions about the nature of your replacement.

We use these consultations to determine whether or not our team may have to contend with window seal damage or other forms of wear and tear throughout the installation process. We can also begin to ideate what your new windows might look like.

Visualization and Service Estimates

Our team uses 3D visualization software to help you determine what kind of windows might best suit your property. This process helps us save money on our final product purchases. It also allows you to test out several different styles of windows against your property.

Once we determine what style of window you want to invest in and how many of those windows you want, we can provide you with an estimate as to what your installation might cost. 

A Quick and Straightforward Installation Process

Opal Enterprises endeavors to keep your window replacement process as straightforward as possible. We work quickly and professionally so as to limit the amount of chaos occupying your property. Even so, you can count on our team to diligently address any window damage that might result in a less-than-perfect installation.

We can keep you up to date on our progress throughout the installation process. We can also let you know if or when we run into any unexpected issues. We will not proceed with any unrequested work without first consulting with you.

Project Cleanup and Check-Ins

Our team can dispose of your old windows and any other debris from the installation process on your behalf. Afterward, we encourage you to capitalize on our Lifetime Labor Guarantee to ensure that your new windows remain in good working order for years to come.

Working With Professionals Saves You Time and Money

Many property owners operate under the belief that if they replace their windows themselves, they’ll save money. In the long run, this may be the case. New windows can, for example, reduce heating and cooling losses, thereby lowering your energy bill. That said, if you want your new windows to save you money, you first need to install them properly.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have experience installing windows, you may make costly mistakes while attempting to DIY your installation. Before you know it, the cost of buying new tools, replacing damaged glass, or fixing damaged window seals may make a DIY window replacement cost more than professional services.

Professional handyman installing window at home

Our team recommends that even if you’re interested in DIY-ing a window replacement, you should meet with a professional team. Talk to experts about the services you want, the perceived benefits of a window replacement, and your working budget. 

Our team can then help you maximize that budget. We can even explore payment plans that might make it easier for you to afford essential services.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Let Opal Enterprises Go to Work for You Today

Don’t wait any longer to replace your old windows. Let your plans for DIY fall by the wayside, and call on experienced window installers instead. Opal Enterprises is ready to help with your upcoming Schaumburg window replacement.

Our team offers consummate window replacement services to businesses and homeowners throughout Illinois. You can turn to our team for more information on the types of windows available to you as well as the cost of installation. We can estimate the cost of your desired services and stay on budget while doing our award-winning work.

Have questions about the window replacement process or want to learn more about our Lifetime Labor Guarantee? Contact Opal Enterprises today.