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Bedroom Windows for Your Schaumburg Home

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  1. What Should You Consider When Picking Bedroom Windows?
  2. Choosing the Best Style 
  3. Benefits of Bedroom Windows 
  4. Chicago Laws Require Bedroom Windows 
  5. Opal Windows Is the Answer for Your Home

Bedroom windows are essential to your comfort and style. If your bedroom already has windows, you might not be wondering whether you need them. You’re used to having them and do not pay them much mind. However, you must replace windows periodically. Or, if you do not have windows, you should consider installing them. 

What Should You Consider When Picking Bedroom Windows?

When deciding on your bedroom windows, there are several factors to consider. You must ensure you stay within all local and state building codes. You also need to decide how much sound insulation you need. 

The exterior of your home will impact the type of windows you can install because there are permanent components that can make it difficult to change the style. The fun comes when choosing a window that matches the home style. But it can be challenging if you have a mismatch of architectural styles throughout the home. 

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Choosing the Best Style 

Do you want your bedroom windows to open and close or be inoperable? Finding the best window style for your bedroom is a personal preference, but there are some factors you should consider. 

Windows can be statement pieces, or they can have practical uses. When your windows open, you have better control of the temperature in your room and can ventilate the room when necessary so that your room is not humid or stuffy. 

The most popular bedroom window options are casement and double-hung. Each window style has its benefits. 

  • Double-hung windows are the most popular of all Schaumburg windows. Double-hung bedroom windows allow you to open them from the top or bottom and control the airflow and temperature of the room. 
  • Casement windows are also popular because they offer total control over ventilation and temperature. These windows open using a hand crank so that you can open the window as far as you want. 

There are other window styles like sliding, awning, and custom windows. Contact Opal to determine the best window style for your bedroom. 

Benefits of Bedroom Windows 

Bedroom windows allow natural light into your bedroom and add airflow. Bedroom windows are energy efficient, so you do not lose heat in the winter. You do not want to come home and have a frigid room after being outside in negative 30-degree weather. 

Many windows have insulated frames which are even more energy efficient. Additionally, you will also save on your energy bills. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Chicago Laws Require Bedroom Windows 

Per Chicago law, bedrooms must have a lighting source, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a window; it can also be light. However, if the bedroom has four walls and no other light source, you need a big window for a firefighter to get through. Building codes are tricky in Schaumburg and the Chicagoland area, so it is best to work with a local contractor. 

Opal Windows Is the Answer for Your Home

Opal Enterprises has a range of window styles, materials, and more for Schaumburg homeowners to choose from and install on their homes. If you’re considering a bedroom window project, contact us today or visit our Des Plaines showroom.