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  1. Why Choose Casement?
  2. Who Makes Casement Windows?
  3. Choose Opal Enterprises for Your Window Installation

There are many different window styles in Roselle, IL, and you might be unable to tell the difference. Casement windows are some easier ones to pick out of the bunch. Among its key features, these windows come in vertical rectangles and have a single glass pane. 

Casement windows also have effortless styling and unique operations. They do not slide up and down like many of the windows seen in Chicago, but instead, they open outward using a mechanical crank and side hinge. You can also open the window inward—a less popular option. 

Why Choose Casement?

The home aesthetics in the area are changing, and while traditional has been the norm in Roselle and other suburbs, modern homes and styles are becoming popular. 

A Modern Touch

Casement windows add a modern touch to your home, especially if you are remodeling towards a modern look. Some common home styles that casement windows accentuate are mountain contemporary and postwar rambler. 

Safety Features

Casement windows also offer safety features for your home. They can qualify as emergency egress windows because they have plenty of unobstructed space. The minimum height requirement is 24 with a minimum width of 20 inches. Casement windows far exceed these requirements. When you have safe windows, it can also impact your homeowner’s insurance

More Space

Casement windows offer more space. There is nothing like putting up holiday decorations and having passersby see them through the window. Many casement windows result in large window sills where you can place decor and make the space look bigger. The typical repair issue with these windows is the crank, which usually requires cleaning and elbow grease. 

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Who Makes Casement Windows?

Casement windows are not new, but there have been slight changes to how they operate. In the past, casement windows had push-out opening methods without any crank. Now, you can use a crank to open and close the window. When the windows open, you will have more ventilation than other window options. 

These windows can be found throughout the home but are very popular in the kitchen and living rooms. Opal Enterprises works with select window manufacturers who all have casement window options. You will find that Anderson, Kolbe, and Provia all have a range of casement window options. 

Anderson has low-maintenance window options with single, double, and triple combinations. There are also different finishes and sizes available, as well as weather-resistant designs. Anderson works with select contractors, Opal being one. 

Kolbe and Provia also have various cement window options and benefits for Roselle homeowners. When you want to replace your windows, reach out to Opal Enterprises and speak with one of our advisers to decide which window style, color, and window manufacturer is right for you. 

Choose Opal Enterprises for Your Window Installation

Opal Enterprises began with a specialty in windows before expanding to other home features. We pride ourselves on knowing the windows that meet homeowners’ needs in Roselle, IL, and the Chicagoland suburbs. 

You can view window options online or by visiting one of our showrooms. Contact us to speak with one of our Opal team members and begin your window project today.