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Why Install a Bow Window in Evanston? Why Choose Us for Bow Window Installation in Evanston? What Happens During Bow Window Installation in Evanston? Can Bow Windows Improve Your Energy Efficiency? How Do You Know When to Replace Bow Windows in Evanston? How Much Does Evanston Bow Window Installation Cost? Schedule a Bow Window Installation in Evanston Today

Are you looking to upgrade the look of your home in Evanston, IL? If so, consider bow windows as part of your remodel. You may also decide to replace the bow windows already installed in your home if they’ve worn out. 

Our team at Opal Enterprises offers professional Evanston bow window installation services. We provide our clients with a wonderful experience throughout remodels, offering you excellent customer service and help from skilled technicians. 

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Why Install a Bow Window in Evanston?

Window professionals use the term bow windows to refer to windows that curve outwards from your home. Their curved shape resembles an archer’s bow, giving them their name. 

Bow windows resemble bay windows but have a softer and more elegant curve, as bay windows generally have a trapezoidal appearance. The lovely appearance of bow windows appeals to many homeowners in Evanston. 

In addition to their beauty, you may select bow windows for your property because they: 

  • Add space to your home
  • Create space for storage or a reading nook 
  • Allow more light into your home 
  • Improve the curb appeal of your home 

Many homeowners decide to add a bow window if they do not have the space or budget for a complete home addition. These windows add a feeling of openness and comfort to rooms while providing an exciting visual feature for your home. 

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Why Choose Us for Bow Window Installation in Evanston?

Our team uses our years of experience to make Evanston bow window installation a stress-free experience for clients like you. We maintain open communication with our clients throughout the remodeling process and offer you the following: 

Help From Highly Skilled Installation Technicians

Bow windows are large and heavy, making them easier to install with experience. Additionally, crews have to carefully follow a curve during installation to avoid giving your windows a crooked appearance. 

We use our experience to install bow windows correctly, sealing them properly to avoid water damage. Proper seals also keep cold air out of your house in the winter months, reducing your energy expenses. 

Fast Installation Services

We offer our clients quick estimates on installation costs. Once you have the estimate, you can count on us to work promptly on your installation. We often finish bow window installation in Evanston in a single day. 

A Lifetime Labor Warranty

We provide a lifetime labor warranty for our bow window installation services in Evanston. We stand behind the quality of our work and want you to feel confident about the results of the installation process. 

Quality Window Choices

Our team only works with acclaimed window manufacturers like Andersen and Kolbe. We provide many options for you to choose from, including composite, wood, vinyl, and fiberglass windows. We’ll discuss the option that best meets your needs when you contact us. 

What Happens During Bow Window Installation in Evanston?

Our team handles every part of the Evanston bow window installation process.

Design Consultation

We begin the installation process with a personalized consultation. During this conversation, we’ll discuss what you want from your new windows. Then, we’ll draw up a plan that factors in the structure of your home, your budget, and your aesthetic preferences. 

Installation Quote

After your design consultation, our installation team provides you with a quote. We can begin the rest of the installation as soon as you accept our proposal. 

The Physical Installation

We can often complete the installation of your bow windows in a single day. However, the process may take longer if you want multiple windows installed. We clean up any mess associated with the installation and treat you respectfully throughout the process. 

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Can Bow Windows Improve Your Energy Efficiency?

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that energy rates jumped significantly throughout 2020 and 2021. In addition, the experts predict energy costs may continue to rise in the coming years. 

Fortunately, installing new windows can help make your home more energy efficient. Modern windows have extra protections that assist with maintaining the temperature in your home. In addition, properly installed windows do not leak, minimizing your energy costs. 

How Do You Know When to Replace Bow Windows in Evanston?

We can install windows as part of new construction in Evanston, IL. Our team also handles the replacement of previously installed windows. Generally, windows last for around 15 years before they start losing their energy efficiency. 

Therefore, you may decide to replace older windows even if they have no apparent signs of damage. The experts may also recommend a replacement if you:

  • Notice condensation on your window glass 
  • Have difficulty closing or opening your windows 
  • Feel drafty when standing near the windows 
  • Discover soft spots on your window frames 

We can inspect your windows and provide advice about the timeline for your replacement in Evanston. 

How Much Does Evanston Bow Window Installation Cost?

The cost for bow window installation in Evanston, IL, can vary based on the type of window you select and the number of windows you want to be installed on your property. Our team discusses the costs with you during your initial consultation. 

We provide up-front pricing, so you are not surprised by hidden costs. We also offer financing options for our clients in Evanston who want to improve their homes. 

Schedule a Bow Window Installation in Evanston Today

New bow windows can increase the beauty of your home. Our team at Opal Enterprises provides skilled assistance to clients interested in Evanston bow window installation. We’ll review your options and set up an appointment today.

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