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Installing windows in a new home. Whether it’s a new window or a replacement one, our window installers in Evanston can get the job done.

No homeowner likes the high-pressure sales tactics that some window companies employ. Even if their windows are undeniably good, the aggressive method used to achieve a sale can contribute to buyer’s remorse. After all, homeowners want to feel that they based their buying decisions on their best interests, not some company’s. 

As a family-owned and -operated remodeling business since 2003, Opal Enterprises offers a decidedly different sales experience for window installations in Evanston. We simply offer what our experience and knowledge tell us are some of the best windows on the market, and we work collaboratively with customers to make selections that accord with their needs and budget. 

We Offer Wonderful Remodeling Experiences for Evanston Homeowners

We start our window replacement projects with informative consultations to assess your needs and discuss the window styles, features, and options that would work best. With our professional guidance, you’ll be able to select windows with customizations that satisfy your specific functional and design requirements.

We install well-crafted windows from the industry’s biggest names -Andersen, ProVia®, and Kolbe, for example. These windows are proven to function dependably, warding off weather damage, no matter how harsh the seasons. 

Plus, they meet or exceed ENERGY STAR® standards for thermal efficiency, easing your HVAC system’s workload and helping you to reduce your energy bills.

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Avoid the Dangers of DIY Window Installation

It’s certainly possible to install windows on your own, but it may be more dangerous for you and your home than you think. For starters, any window installation above ground level requires special equipment for safety like scaffolding that the average homeowner does not have.

Installing a window takes more knowledge than putting a few screws into your siding to hold it in place. Any new windows must be sealed properly to keep water from entering your home. An improperly installed window can cause invisible damage that could rot your framing and bring mold into your home.

Finally, it takes a window installer with professional experience to know how to make the result look great. Using our Evanston, IL, window installers will save you from a botched installation. If you find a fault later, our lifetime labor warranty will cover any repairs you need. Just put in a warranty request.

How Opal Enterprises Trains Our Window Installers

A high-quality window installer possesses both experience installing windows and training from window manufacturers about the latest products. Opal Enterprises’ installers have both factors.

We send all our installers to regular training sessions offered by our product suppliers, like Andersen Windows, to keep their skills up to date. Window makers bring out new products and materials all the time. If you want the latest window products, our window installers in Evanston will have the know-how you need.

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Free Consultations With Our Evanston Window Installers

These are some of the many reasons behind our A+ Better Business Bureau rating and our reputation in the Evanston area. If you would like to learn more about our windows and our services, contact Opal Enterprises. Let us show you we are the premier window installer for Evanston, IL, and other Chicagoland suburbs.

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