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  1. Signs Your Windows Need a Replacement
  2. Risks of a DIY Home Windows Installation
  3. Types of Home Windows Our Team Can Install
  4. Hire Our Passionate Home Windows Installation Team

As a homeowner, you deserve to have beautiful windows to look out of in the morning and the evening. And if you aren’t happy with your current windows, our team of home windows installers at Opal Enterprises is ready to change that.

We can help you determine which style and color of windows match your home. We’re passionate about what we do, and we’re excited to help accentuate the already beautiful features of your home with a home windows installation.

Signs Your Windows Need a Replacement

Our team specializes in window replacements that increase your home’s curb appeal as well as make your home more comfortable to live in. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it might be time to replace your windows:

Drafts of Cold Air

Over time, the sealing on windows gets worn down from rainwater, general wear and tear, and heat. After the seals or caulk job on your windows deteriorates enough, nothing can stop cold air from coming through the cracks.

While drafts may be inconvenient, they could become a larger issue when they affect your heating bills. When you have drafts in your home, it’s more difficult for your HVAC system to keep your home warm. This causes your HVAC system to work harder, raising your heating bill.

Condensation Between Windows

If your current windows have beads of water condensation between them, you should consider a new home windows installation as soon as possible. Although these water beads may seem harmless, they could become dangerous the longer you let them sit. When moisture gets stuck in a space without air, it can become mold.

Mold can harm your health, causing lung issues and breaking down other parts of your home if it gets into the foundation. We can install brand-new windows in your home, so you won’t have to worry about molding.

Cracks or Other Damages

Whether it be a crack in the window or the window frame, you should replace your windows. Cracks can let unwanted bugs, water, and even unpleasant smells into your home.

Regardless of the issue, you’re having with your windows, a new home windows installation can fix it. We can help you make the first steps toward your new home design.

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Risks of a DIY Home Windows Installation

Some people overlook hiring professional exterior remodeling services in Naperville because they’re often concerned about the price. However, attempting to install windows in your home without professional help could lead to various problems. Of course, one of the biggest risks is safety.

Without the proper safety qualifications or equipment, you could get severely injured. This could lead to expensive medical bills you’ll have to pay. Even if you think you have all you need, by not having the experience and installation qualifications, it’s more likely that you’ll get injured.

Another risk of installing windows on your own is spending too much money. If you don’t properly install the windows the first time, you’ll have to purchase another window, and quality windows aren’t cheap, and it can add up quickly. When you hire our team of home windows installation contractors at Opal Enterprises, we’ll install quality windows for a price within your budget.

Types of Home Windows Our Team Can Install

When you’re looking for the right windows to install in your home, you want quality materials and we have a wide variety of them. We can install windows with the following materials:


Windows made of fiberglass are easy to clean and maintain and will go with just about any style or color of a room. In addition, fiberglass is an immensely durable material and is used for things such as piping and personal protective equipment.

Our fiberglass materials are strong enough to withstand Illinois’ severe weather throughout the seasons. You won’t have to worry about water from storms trickling in or a cold draft blowing in.


Composite is a combination of wood fibers and polyvinyl chloride (PVC), resulting in a strong glossy window frame that appears as natural wood. We recommend composite windows to people who like the look of wood windows but don’t want the maintenance of them.

Composite windows are less likely to soak up moisture because they aren’t just wood but also PVC, which resists water.


Our ProVia vinyl windows are another material we offer for new home window installations. This material is known for its durability and energy efficiency. These windows have a seal and glass that prevents cold drafts and excessive heat.

Vinyl windows don’t require much maintenance, just a wipe-down with a cleaning spray when they’re dusty. This material will add a classic feel to your home’s design.


Wood-framed windows will add a cozy but sophisticated atmosphere to your home. But one thing to remember is that wood windows do require more maintenance than other materials we offer for home windows. As a material, wood absorbs water which could lead to mold and pests if the moisture is not cleaned up properly.

We can advise you on properly maintaining wood windows, so they don’t become damaged. We’ll seal them properly and ensure there are no areas where moisture can get into them.

Regardless of the material you choose, we can color them any way you like. Our partners Andersen Windows and Doors and Kolbe Windows, have a large selection of colors you can choose from. If you choose wood windows, we can also put any stain shade on them. 

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Hire Our Passionate Home Windows Installation Team

If the windows in your home need replacement, our team of home windows installation contractors at Opal Enterprises is ready to install new windows for you. Our team is passionate about their work and is not afraid to ask you for feedback. We’re here to help you create the home you want.

Call us or fill out the contact form on our website to talk to one of our team members or schedule an installation.