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  1. What Windows Can You Choose From?
  2. Types of Windows We Can Install
  3. How Your Window Installation in Burr Ridge Will Work
  4. Cost of Window Installation in Burr Ridge
  5. Speak to a Trusted Burr Ridge Window Installer Today

Considered one of the most common and popular projects for a home, window installation is a great way to improve your home’s overall appearance. Our team at Opal Exteriors can turn your vision into reality, from window installation to window replacement. 

The careful process we have implemented for our Burr Ridge, IL, window installations will ensure a speedy but quality service that makes your home have the character it deserves. 

No matter the size, shape, color, or material you are hoping to get installed, we will do what it takes to accomplish the project successfully. Our personalized services will be tailored to your needs and wants, making the finalized product a dream come true. 

What Windows Can You Choose From?

When it comes to windows, various types and styles can be found in your home. Some of the types of windows we can install for you are:

  • Single-hung or double-hung windows: A single-hung window has a set-top sash, which allows you to open it from the bottom. In contrast, a double-hung window is able to open from the top sash or bottom sash. The latter window is easier to clean in most cases.
  • Awning windows: Because these windows are hinged at the top, they are a great option if you are wishing for natural light and fresh air. 
  • Casement windows: These windows are perfect for a view of the outdoors. A casement window will open from the side generally.

andersen 100 series casement windows

  • Garden windows: These are small and boxed windows that are great for specific views and displaying smaller items. 
  • Bay windows: A bay window is a large window made up of three glass panels that project outwards. With these windows, you can expect a great deal of natural light. 
  • Picture windows: These windows are large windows that can provide great and vast views. 

Once you decide what type of window you are looking for, you must choose the material that you want your windows to be made from. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Types of Windows We Can Install

What your window is made from is the most important thing when installing windows. If you are looking for certain benefits from your windows, we can provide you with the perfect solution. 

Fiberglass windows can protect your home throughout all the wild weather changes you can experience in the Chicagoland area. These windows meet and exceed ENERGY STAR® standards. This means that your cooling and heating systems won’t need to work as hard to maintain the chosen temperature of your home. 

Composite windows are also a great choice and are made from wood and thermoplastic polymer. Because composite windows are incredibly durable, they are considered the practical choice. These windows are able to withstand:

  • Decay
  • Rot
  • Rust
  • Fungus growth
  • Flaking or peeling
  • Corroding 

Vinyl windows are specially designed with energy-efficient features. A vinyl window will limit heat transfer and keep your home cool in the warmer months. The maintenance that these windows require is minimal, saving money and time down the road. 

Wood windows are the choice that many homeowners go for if they are looking to make an impression. They provide your home with exceptional strength and beauty. Because our wood windows are infused with aluminum and vinyl, they can resist the elements and don’t require frequent maintenance. 

How Your Window Installation in Burr Ridge Will Work

Our installation process is quite straightforward after you contact us. After you reach out to our experts, we will schedule a meeting to evaluate your home. Following this, our team will prepare various window designs you might like in colors and materials to fit your version. 

We will offer you an estimate for the option you choose, which is entirely free. Once you make your decision, we can begin to prepare for installation. Our skilled Burr Ridge window installation team will install your windows quickly and easily. 

When we are finished, all that is needed to be cleaned will be carried out. We will have you walk through and see the finished product. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Cost of Window Installation in Burr Ridge

Different window materials, styles, and custom orders can cost different amounts. Some window materials are more expensive but are energy efficient and will save money in the long run. Whereas, other options have lower costs upfront, and might need added protection down the line. 

Other factors that can affect the cost of your window installation in Burr Ridge can include:

  • Soundproofing
  • The brand of windows you choose
  • What floor of your home the windows are being installed on 
  • Window size
  • The number of windows you are looking to get installed
  • The time of year you are seeking window installation

Additionally, if you are installing a window on a wall that doesn’t currently have a window, the costs of installation won’t be the only thing you need to consider. When installing windows on a wall that has no existing frame, the additional fees you need to consider include:

  • Window framing: If the wall you are installing your window on doesn’t have a frame, this is a necessary cost. 
  • Siding: When you put in a window, you will need to replace the siding after your window is installed so that the wall looks uniform. 
  • Electrical configuration: When your window is installed, you must contact an electrician to rewire and fix your electrical systems. 
  • Insulation: Upon your window installation, you may need to add insulation to your wall. 

The bottom line is that depending on the circumstances, the cost of installing windows will vary. That’s why it’s important to speak with 

Speak to a Trusted Burr Ridge Window Installer Today

No project is too big or unrealistic for Opal Exteriors when it comes to window installation. We have countless years of experience and can offer you custom designs. Your home’s new look could be a phone call away. 

Contact us if you have any questions about window installation in Burr Ridge, IL, for your home or if you are interested in a free estimate.