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All About Stone Veneer Siding in Burr Ridge, IL

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What Is Stone Veneer? What Are the Other Types of Stone Veneer? Are There Benefits of Using Stone Veneer? Opal Exteriors Can Help in Burr Ridge, IL

An astounding 65% of Americans expect the value of their homes to increase over the next decade. Home values, though, change with the local housing market and the national economy. Fortunately, you can improve your home’s value as soon as possible with some curb appeal for homeowners. 

Applying a fresh coat of paint on the front door or even new stone veneers can spruce up your home quickly and effectively. If you are wondering about stone veneer, we have all the answers. Keep reading to learn about all the different interior and exterior stone veneer types, their benefits, and how you can ultimately update your home.

What Is Stone Veneer?

A veneer is a thin piece of decorative material covering another aspect of the home. There are different veneers for building exteriors, kitchen cabinets, and even your teeth! Sometimes, we describe stone veneer as stone siding or stone cladding. It is a thin layer of cut stone or stone-line material that attaches to a structure for decoration and protection. 

All the stone veneer pieces are cut thin from real stone for a truly natural appearance minus the weight of the full bedrock. Since stone veneer is sliced thin, it is not weight-bearing. This type of siding is only for decorative purposes and protects against weather and wear and tear.

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What Are the Other Types of Stone Veneer?

A stone veneer consists of either faux stone, thin natural stone, or full bed veneer. With each type comes something different and its different level of thickness.

  • Faux stone is a type of manufactured stone: The reason being is that it is artificial to look like natural stone. It is a combination of cement, natural minerals, and pigment. This type of faux stone is highly durable and beautiful. They are convincing duplicates and nearly identical to the actual product. Research faux stone products because they may be a durable synthetic polymer that results in ultralight veneers. 
  • Natural thin stone veneer: This is a real stone from mountains, riverbeds, and stone quarries. It is cut one inch deep and resembles a shape for a more polished look than raw stone. It still presents elegance and rustic beauty.
  • Full bed veneer: This is the same as natural thin stone veneer. The only difference is that we cut thicker in comparison to other types of stone. It tends to be between three and five inches wide.

Are There Benefits of Using Stone Veneer?

Yes. Stone veneer may suit you between its cost, lightweight material, durable and long-lasting strength, and a top pick for interior design.

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