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  1. What are the Benefits of New Windows?
  2. The Types of Windows We Offer
  3. Replacement Windows From Top Manufacturers
  4. Other Home Renovations We Can Help With
  5. We Offer a Lifetime Labor Warranty
  6. A Wonderful Remodeling Experience Awaits in Plainfield with Opal Exteriors

It’s safe to assume that most adults have heard the saying, “You get what you pay for.” So, why is it that time and again, homeowners are surprised to learn that windows they bought at bargain-basement prices neither look nor work as advertised? 

At Opal Enterprises, we take a pragmatic approach to window replacement. With almost 20 years of home remodeling experience to our name, we understand that homeowners want the best value they can get for their home improvement dollar, not necessarily the least-expensive products. 

To our long list of satisfied customers in Plainfield, Illinois, that means windows that provide all the advantages they expect at a cost that won’t break the bank. Energy savings, enhanced curb appeal, and improved ventilation are just some of the benefits you’ll realize with us as your Plainfield window installers.

What are the Benefits of New Windows?

If you haven’t installed new windows into your home, you may be missing out on all the benefits new windows could offer your home. These benefits that new windows can bring to your home include:

  • Increased home value: It’s no surprise that home improvement projects can boost your home’s value. And by installing new and quality windows, your home will look like new. It doesn’t matter if you are getting your home ready to sell or not; new windows will make your home shine. 
  • Improved security: If your windows are old or outdated, they may be easier to open or don’t lock correctly. This invites bugs and weather to sometimes intrude into your home. Some new windows offer advanced security features and locks, providing you with greater peace of mind. 
  • Energy efficiency: The wood, fiberglass, and vinyl window options we offer are available in energy-efficient options. With windows like these, you won’t put more pressure on your heating and cooling systems. In turn, this will lower utility bills, protect the environment, and make your home more comfortable.  

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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The Types of Windows We Offer

At Opal Exteriors, we offer various types of materials for windows that you can choose from. No matter the size or shape of the windows you are looking to install, our window installers in Plainfield can assist you. 

  • Fiberglass windows: These windows can ensure protection against the harsh weather conditions that the Chicagoland area faces. Additionally, these windows can last years, ultimately making fiberglass windows an investment. 
  • Wood windows: If you are looking for a sleek and gorgeous look, wood windows are a perfect choice for your home. Our wood windows are dressed in aluminum and vinyl, allowing them to resist the elements as the seasons change.  
  • Composite windows: These windows are made from a blend of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, making them a better choice than aluminum windows. This type of window can resist rot, decay, fungal growth, flaking, peeling, and even corroding. Many homeowners will choose this window due to its durability. 
  • Vinyl windows: Vinyl windows are known for their energy efficiency and quick installation process. These windows are able to cool your home in the hot months and keep your home warm when needed. Furthermore, your utility bills will decrease due to the quality and efficiency of choosing vinyl windows.

Window Installer Plainfield IL

Replacement Windows From Top Manufacturers

We have established a thorough process encompassing planning, design, and installation to ensure you receive precisely the windows and installation service you expect. We install only highly durable and energy-efficient windows because that’s the only kind of window that delivers long-term performance in our region’s climate.

For any high-value window replacement project, the durability and energy efficiency of the windows are critical, which is why we install windows crafted by top-tier companies like Kolbe, ProVia®, and Andersen. Designed for longevity, these windows:

  • Are available in the materials listed above to suit your budget and match your tastes
  • Feature energy-efficient options like low-e glass, multiple panes, and insulated frames to minimize heat transfer and potentially reduce your energy costs
  • Come in several attractive styles, such as double-hung, awning, casement, garden, and more.

What’s Your Favorite Window Style?

If you’re not sure about the style that will work best with your home’s features and suit your design sensibility, our window specialists can help. Whether you prefer a virtual or at-home consultation, one of our specialists can sit down with you to discuss your project’s aesthetic and functional goals and review replacement windows priced within your budget.

Window Company Plainfield IL

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Other Home Renovations We Can Help With

We offer a large selection of home remodeling services to choose from, including:

  • Replacement windows: We have vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass window options, all of which can be customized in a number of style options to meet your aesthetic preferences.
  • Siding: Protect your home from the elements while increasing its curb appeal by having our vinyl, fiber cement, or stone siding installed on your home.
  • Doors:  Available with a variety of decorative and functional options, doors can be customized to meet your needs. Choose from our front, patio, and storm door options.
  • Decks and patios: Take the enjoyment you get from your outside area to the next level by having us build you a custom deck or patio.

We Offer a Lifetime Labor Warranty

Opal understands that window replacement is a major investment. So, to give you full assurance in our services, we back our window installations with a lifetime workmanship warranty—and that’s in addition to the manufacturer warranties.

When you reach out to us for Plainfield window installation, we will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss your project’s goals and offer our professional advice on the most cost-effective windows for your home. 

Once you’ve made your selections, our experienced, factory-trained technicians will install your new windows with meticulous attention to detail for a flush fit and smooth performance.

A Wonderful Remodeling Experience Awaits in Plainfield with Opal Exteriors

We are not just any window installer in Plainfield. Over the years, we’ve earned several accolades, including Remodeling Magazine’s BIG 50 Contractor award in recognition of our high-value remodeling services. 

Would you like to learn more about our window replacement service? Contact Opal Enterprises to schedule a complimentary consultation. When you do contact us, ask about our same-as-cash financing available to qualified Plainfield, IL, homeowners.