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Window Repairs Are Harder – Replace Your Windows

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  1. Repairs Are Just Band-Aids 
  2. Signs It's Time to Replace Your Windows
  3. Choosing the Right Window Materials 
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There is a lot of upkeep in being a Chicagoland homeowner. There are typical concerns like wear and tear, and then you must also worry about the inclement weather unique to the Midwest. 

The windows on your home are not meant to last a lifetime, especially if you have an older home. The temperature and other elements can be detrimental to your windows and cause them to chip and fall apart over time. 

While some Des Plaines homeowners will be quick to repair the window, the better option is to replace it. 

Repairs Are Just Band-Aids 

It is tempting to want to repair your window and move on, but that temporary fix will not solve the problem. When there is an issue with a window, there is an issue with the frame or foundation. Trying to repair the window only makes the situation worse over time. The project can be much bigger than initially anticipated when you finally decide to replace windows in Plainfield and other areas in Illinois.. 

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Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

There are many pertinent signs that it is time to replace your windows, and there are no more band-aids you can use. If you experience any of these window issues, it is time to look at window replacement. 

When a draft comes in, that is a clear sign your window is not working the way it should. Other signs to look for are:

  • The window won’t open or gets stuck
  • The window is over 20 years old 
  • Outside noise is getting into the home
  • Your home is hot during the summer when the windows are closed and the AC is on
  • Damage to the window 
  • It becomes difficult to clean 
  • Your furniture is fading
  • Return on investment, especially when selling your home in the future 

You should periodically inspect your windows and look for these and other signs. Do not try band-aid solutions; instead, look for a permanent window replacement solution. 

Choosing the Right Window Materials 

Once you decide to replace your windows, you must choose the best materials and style for your home in Des Plaines. The most popular option is fiberglass, but other options include:

  • Wood 
  • Aluminum 
  • Vinyl
  • Composite
  • Wood clad 

Materials are essential, but you must also decide on a design. There are double and single-hung windows. You can also go for sliding, casement, hopper, awning, and others. You also need to look at energy efficiency, which will help your energy bills and comfort. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Opal Enterprises Specializes in Window Replacement

Replacing your windows is not a decision you will make often; it often only happens once throughout the home-owning journey. It is a big decision that will affect the comfort of your family, your bills, the cost of your home, and curb appeal. 

Each home is different, and you’ll want to have the expert assistance of an Opal team member to determine what is suitable for you and your Des Plaines home. You should contact us online or visit the Opal Enterprises Des Plaines showroom when looking for options.