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5 Signs It Is Time to Replace Your Windows

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The Window Gets Stuck  There Is Too Much Noise Pollution Damage to the Windows The Age of the Windows The Windows Are Drafty  Call Opal Enterprises Today 

As a Batavia, IL, homeowner, you may only need to change your windows once in your homeownership journey. Many homeowners find it challenging to determine when to replace the windows. There are some telltale signs that you need to contact Opal Enterprises and get information on replacing your windows. 

While windows are built to last, they deteriorate from sun exposure and other weather elements. Normal wear and tear also contribute to needing to replace your windows. While there are many signs it is time to replace your windows, here are five to look for in your Batavia windows. 

The Window Gets Stuck 

When the window does not open or gets stuck, it is time for a window replacement in Batavia. The underlying cause of the window getting stuck varies depending on the materials it is made of. The window will swell from exposure to the elements over the years. It can also have trouble opening because various residents paint the windows over and over. 

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There Is Too Much Noise Pollution

Your windows should keep the outside noises at bay. You should not be able to hear everything your neighbors are doing when your window is closed. You want your home to be quiet and do not want outside noise. 

Sound transmission class (STC) is a measurement used to determine how much noise the window keeps out. The higher the rating, the quieter the home. Single and double-pane windows have a significant difference in STC ratings. Double-pane windows have a higher rating than single-pane windows. 

Damage to the Windows

The easiest way to tell it is time for a Batavia window replacement is when there is damage. You should look for chipping, broken glass, a warped frame, or visible water stains. You cannot waste time when there is visible window damage; you will need to begin a window replacement immediately. 

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The Age of the Windows

All the elements of your home will deteriorate over time. Windows will last from 20 to 30 years. Many times, windows are original to the house and are made with less than favorable materials. When you install new windows, you can opt for energy efficiency features. More modern windows also keep the sunlight out, so your carpets and furniture last longer. 

The Windows Are Drafty 

Windows have many energy-efficient features, and you need windows that do not allow heat or air to get out of the home. You also do not want windows enabling weather elements to enter the house. You can check your windows for signs of air getting in by touching them. You can also look for drafts from your windows and other home areas. 

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When you begin to see any of these signs, you need to consider a window replacement in Batavia. Replacing your windows in Batavia is not an everyday expense. You will likely make this purchase only once, and you must choose the right windows and the best contractor for your remodeling project. Contact Opal Enterprises to find the perfect windows for your home.