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Plainfield, IL, Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

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  1. Visible Damage to the Windows
  2. You Notice Drafts in Your Plainfield, IL, Home
  3. Condensation Forming on the Windows
  4. Faded Carpet and Furniture Around the Windows
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People underestimate the benefits that windows bring to a home. Windows play an essential role in the comfort levels and energy efficiency of a home. The more damaged and outdated windows have become, the more energy it takes to keep a home comfortable, costing homeowners more money in heating bills. 

Homeowners can help reduce their heating expenses by investing in their Plainfield window replacements, but how can you tell when it’s time to replace your windows? What are some signs that it’s time to replace the windows in your home? Here are some signs that a home’s windows may need to be replaced:

Visible Damage to the Windows

One of the most obvious signs is if the windows have any noticeable damage. Cracks in the windows can cause water and other debris to seep through, leaving homes open to mold, water seepage, and pests. 

Home invaders can also gain access to the house using damaged windows. Replacing broken windows can help homeowners avoid more significant expenses in the future.

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You Notice Drafts in Your Plainfield, IL, Home

When windows are drafty, it means that the air in the house that is used to cool it down is seeping out, and the hot air from the outside is seeping in. As a result, the air conditioning system has to work twice as hard to cool the home down. 

One of the signs that a room contains drafty windows is if the room feels less comfortable than other rooms in the house, like more humid. Homeowners can check for drafts by closing the windows, locking them, and holding them at the bottom or top of the window where the sash meets the frame. If there is air coming in, that is a sign that the window is drafty.

Condensation Forming on the Windows

If there is condensation forming on the inside of a window, that is a sign that either the windows are leaking air or that the home is humid. Condensation signifies that the air-tight seal is failing and that insulating gas is escaping. 

Condensation forming on the outside of the windows is okay because it is usually warmer outside. However, condensation inside or between the window panes is an indication that the windows must be replaced.

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Faded Carpet and Furniture Around the Windows

Modern windows possess UV protection that prevents UV rays from passing through. This ability helps to prevent furniture like carpets, rugs, or other types of décor from fading. When these pieces of furniture that are exposed to sunlight begin to fade, it could indicate that the windows no longer have UV protection to protect the furniture.

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