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  1. Is It Time to Call a Window Installer?
  2. Our Window Installers Will Prevent Problems With Bad Window Installations
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Windows are more complicated to install than you might think. Despite the promise of DIY stores saying you can do it for less yourself, a window installation by a qualified Glen Ellyn installer will give you far more peace of mind about your windows.

Why risk doing it yourself and possibly paying much more than you think? Opal Enterprises has been installing windows in Glen Ellyn since 2003 and we have an elite reputation in the industry. We’ve won the Best of Houzz award for several years, which marks the top remodelers in the country!

installing casement window

Installing a casement window. Do you have the skills to do this right the first time? If not, better call one of our professional window installers in Glen Ellyn instead.

Is It Time to Call a Window Installer?

Windows are something we take advantage of every day in our home to keep the temperature comfortable, to block out pests and noise, and beautify our house. If you are wondering how you can tell if it’s time to replace the windows on your home, here is a list of things to look out for.

Drafty Windows

Even though this is an obvious sign, you might not notice gusts of wind sneaking through your panes. Older single pane windows lose their seals eventually and wear out making your energy bills increase. Pay attention to areas that seem cooler even when there isn’t a vent present. If in doubt, call a professional window installer to evaluate that window.

Increased Noise

Can you hear conversations going on outside? If you are noticing road noises, people talking, and other outdoor activities, it may be time to take a look at your windows. The seals may be on their way out.

Condensation in the Glass

Water trapped between double paned windows always means a seal is no longer air tight. These windows can sometimes be repaired by a window installer to last a bit longer. However, replacement windows might be a better option if they are old, worn, or were not of premium quality to begin with.

Windows don’t Close Properly Anymore

This can sometimes be fixed by replacing a pane. An operational problem with your window should be investigated as soon as possible because a simple issue like loose screws could become a bigger problem that requires replacement.

Visible Damage to the Window

If you can’t see out of scratched, weathered, or discolored windows, it’s time for them to go. Likewise, if the window is cracked or otherwise damaged, you will want to replace it to prevent rotting wood, mold, and pests.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Our Window Installers Will Prevent Problems With Bad Window Installations

When a window is installed the wrong way, even if it looks right, it can cause major problems for your home down the road. Professional window installation in Glen Ellyn can help you to avoid costly issues and mistakes that can really add up. Here are a few things we’ve seen in the past.

Crooked Windows

Did you know windows must be leveled properly with shims inside your window frame before you screw them in place? Every frame space has its quirks because the wood in your home will shift over time. If you don’t account for the differences, your install will be crooked after you’re done.

Improper Sealing

There’s more to putting your window in place than screwing it down against your frame. Windows must be sealed against air leaks and water leaks, and there’s more to doing it right laying a bead of caulk around the edges.

A window with bad sealing will let air and water into your framing space, potentially causing rot and warping to your home and leaving you with an expensive repair job. Do you trust yourself to do it yourself right the first time?

Poor Product Selection

Most DIYers learn skills to save money, but sometimes, a homeowner will search out the cheapest windows for their replacement. A poor-quality window may not help with keeping your home’s temperature stable, which is crucial in a town like Glen Ellyn where the temperature range swings so much each year.

Professional Window Installation Tools

If you need a custom shape or you have a complex window like a bay window, you may not be able to get the products you need. Before you pick up that nut driver and crowbar, pick up your phone and call us first for a window inspection.

Professional Window Installers in Glen Ellyn

As you can see, a lot can go wrong if you don’t have experience as a window installer. Why take the risk on your most important asset? Our professionally trained Glen Ellyn window installers receive continuing education and learn updated practices from major high-end window manufacturers each year.

Our team has the tools, experience, and expertise to do the job right, plus you’ll be backed by our lifetime labor warranty on all window installations. If you find a problem and it’s related to labor, just make a warranty request, and we’ll come check it out. Opal Enterprises offers a competitive lifetime workmanship warranty on every window we install.

For some companies, we act as a direct dealer with the factories, so we can get deep discounts on windows you may have thought were too expensive. Durable, beautiful windows are available to you in many price ranges.

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Let Our Glen Ellyn Window Installers Transform Your Home – Call Now For a Free Consultation

Contact Opal Enterprises today to find out how we can change the look of your home with our professional window installation in Glen Ellyn. Our craftsmen are ready to help you with a simple window replacement, or create an entirely new look for the windows in your home.

We have attractive financing options for homeowners, including one year same-as-cash financing. We want all homeowners in Glen Ellyn to have the best window installers in the Chicagoland area. Give us a call and you may be surprised how affordable it can be!