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How to Clean My New Andersen Windows

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  1. Get Your Materials Ready
  2. Cleaning the Interior 
  3. Cleaning the Exterior 
  4. Cleaning the Rest of Your Window
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While many Andersens windows are low maintenance, cleaning your windows has many benefits. Your Glen Ellyn home looks nice, and you have a clear outside view. As a rule, you should clean your windows every six months. You can remove the winter salt if you clean your windows in the spring. 

Cleaning in the fall will get rid of the summer dust and dirt. While these are the best times to clean your windows, you can clean them during any season. Our Opal Enterprises team can discuss the best cleaning schedule for you when selecting your windows. 

Get Your Materials Ready

The first part of cleaning your windows is to get the washing equipment ready. You will need a bucket, cleaning solutions, and soft cloths. You can make a cleaning solution using two or three gallons of water and a squeeze of dish soap. 

You can also use store-bought cleaners that are water and ammonia-based. Using a t-bar scrubber with a replaceable microfiber sleeve or a squeegee is also a good idea. Be ready with a hand-held vacuum and a large paintbrush when cleaning window sills. 

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Cleaning the Interior 

Now that you have all the materials to clean your windows, you should start on the interior. Lay down a covering so you can handle any drips, and then start cleaning the dust and dirt away with your vacuum. 

You can wipe down the windowsill with a damp cloth. Then, you can clean the window from top to bottom. Take your squeegee, start at the top, and go down in a straight line. If water is pooled at the bottom of the window, you can use a clean cloth to wipe it away. 

Cleaning the Exterior 

Now it is time to clean the exterior of your windows. If you have a screen, remove and clean it. The screen will dry while you work on the rest of the window. Wipe away dust and debris and wipe down the window frame with a damp cloth. 

Use your T-bar scrubber and cleaning solution to work down your glass. Then wipe away any beads of water. Squeegee the glass dry and use a dry cloth to remove soapy residue. Then wipe down the frames.

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Cleaning the Rest of Your Window

Other window elements, like frames, hardware, and grilles, also need to be cleaned. You can clean window frames with a microfiber cloth. You can clean the frames at the same time as the windows. 

Window hardware can be cleaned with mild soap, water, and a soft cloth. However, chrome and bronze hardware can require different cleaning solutions. Window grilles require a brush and the same solution as the hardware. Some grilles are removable for easier cleaning.  

Opal EnterprisesIs the Best Option for Window Installers

There are many ways to clean your windows. Luckily, you only have to clean them twice a year. Opal Enterprises will install your windows and advise you on the best cleaning and maintenance schedule based on your custom Andersen windows. Glen Ellyn homeowners can get hands-on experience by visiting one of our showrooms.