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  1. Why Choose Opal Enterprises? 
  2. Why the Contempo Might Be the Right Choice for Your Decorative Patio Cover
  3. Things We Think You Will Love About the Contempo Patio Cover
  4. Stands Up to Illinois Weather
  5. Contact Us Today

When considering what kind of patio covering you want, look no further than Opal Enterprises. We are the official dealer of Renaissance Patio Products in the Chicago area. In this series, we are highlighting some of the beautiful choices in patio covers that we offer. 

Our focus in this article is The Contempo. One of the many beautiful choices for a patio cover for everyone in the Chicago area. Contact Opal Enterprises to determine if The Contempo is the right choice for your outdoor space. 

Why Choose Opal Enterprises? 

  • If you are considering a new patio cover, look no further. Our experience and satisfied customers are reasons to choose us for your project. 
  • We spend a lot of time on the design and engineering portion of your project. This is essentially free because we spend so much time really thinking each project through. This expertise we apply to every project so that the homeowners we work with get exactly what they want. 
  • You are in the right place if you are interested in a seamless exterior project, as we offer siding, doors, and windows, as well as patio products. 

Questions? Call 847-380-8868 in Des Plaines and 888-676-6725 in Naperville

Why the Contempo Might Be the Right Choice for Your Decorative Patio Cover

For homeowners who want to check all the boxes, The Contempo Patio Cover could very well be the best choice. It combines durability and strength with affordability and style. The quality framework of Renaissance Patio Products provides the base for this line. 

If you are looking for something between a modern and more classic look, the aesthetics of the Contempo may be spot on. To achieve a look that leans toward elegance and simplicity, The Contempo may be exactly what you want. It will provide you with a solid patio cover with truss ends.

Things We Think You Will Love About the Contempo Patio Cover

The Contempo Patio cover provides you and your visitors with a beautifully designed space, even if the weather is not cooperative when your company arrives. We use quality materials and engineering prowess to provide you with your dream outdoor area.

The Contempo Patio cover comes in classic white, sandstone, or bronze. We can help you select the color that will look best with your home’s exterior. 

Materials that Are Modern for the Contempo

For minimal maintenance, we provide aircraft-grade extruded aluminum with a baked-on powder-coated finish. Other than simply washing occasionally, there is almost no maintenance required. The high-carbon steel and nylon-headed fasters can handle even the most severe weather.

We use automotive-grade nylon covers and caps. We do this to create a beautifully smooth and finished look. Our materials have been carefully selected to sustain direct sunlight without degrading. 

Learn more about our top-of-the-line products in Naperville 888-676-6725

Stands Up to Illinois Weather

Our engineering and design elements are thoughtfully selected to stand up to strong winds, snow loads, and intense sunlight. The materials we use can withstand some of the most brutal weather around. The weather extremes in our area mean that we should choose wisely when installing any exterior structures, meaning we should be your first and only call.

Contact Us Today

We serve the entire Chicago area, including Naperville, Des Plaines, Tinley Park, Lemont, Burr Ridge, Palos Park, La Grange, and many more. Suppose you are interested in creating a dream retreat that you will enjoy for years with very little maintenance and want to do it quickly and affordably. In that case, Renaissance Patios, installed by Opal Enterprises, should be your first call.