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Pergolas Offer the Most Bang for the Buck



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  1. The Outdoor Project that Packs a Punch
  2. The Basics of a Pergola
  3. Pergola Types
  4. Beautifully Integrated With the Look and Style of Your Home
  5. When You Are Ready to Build Your Dream Pergola, Contact Us

Pergolas are a great way to maximize the return on your investment in your outdoor project. Pergolas are much less expensive than other landscape design projects, but you would never know it by looking at a well-executed one. Opal Enterprises installs beautiful pergolas using the quality products provided by Renaissance Patio Products. 

We are the official distributor of Renaissance Patio Products in the Chicago area, installing beautiful pergolas, patio roofs and coverings, scree, and sunrooms in Naperville, Des Plaines, Tinley Park, and beyond.

The Outdoor Project that Packs a Punch

If you want to really dress up your yard, adding beauty and function through a sustainable, low-maintenance, durable installation, a pergola by Opal Enterprises is the way to go. HGTV raves about how pergolas create the wow factor you want for your landscaping dollar. We offer numerous ways to truly customize your project to suit your style, taste, and budget.  

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The Basics of a Pergola

A pergola is an open-air outdoor structure that has support beams for a roofing grid. They remain without walls to allow them to be part of the landscape while being shady and somewhat protected from the elements. Your designer with Opal Enterprises can help you determine the type of roof you want and the amount of coverage appropriate for your specific needs. 

Pergola Types

You may have a specific look in mind for your pergola, or you may have a loose idea. Either way, the professionals at Opal Enterprises can help you determine how to fulfill your dream for your backyard space best. Listed below are some of the types of pergolas you might consider: 

  • An arched pergola lends graceful beauty to your law.
  • Attached pergolas are particularly useful when avoiding the rain and sun since you step right out of the house and onto the pergola.
  • Awnings are usually attached to your home but are generally smaller in size than typically attached pergolas.
  • Freestanding pergolas offer a type of outdoor space separate from the house but one with the natural beauty of your yard.
  • Louvered pergolas are adjustable, allowing the homeowner to manually or automatically adjust them for more or less protection.

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Beautifully Integrated With the Look and Style of Your Home

We offer a variety of styles, allowing you to customize your pergola so it is designed with your home in mind. Opal Enterprises also provides siding, doors, and windows to complete the integrated look. Every element of your home should look deliberate and seamless, no afterthoughts on our watch.

When You Are Ready to Build Your Dream Pergola, Contact Us

Pergolas are a way to maximize your landscape budget and give yourself a beautiful outdoor space that adds a living area to your home and can fulfill many uses for your and your family. They are one of the most popular backyard additions with homeowners today.

Call Opal Enterprises to design the perfect pergola for your outdoor space. We are the official dealer of Renaissance Patio Products and are proud to offer you pergolas that are built for the long term. With durable materials that are also beautiful and stylish, we can truly upgrade your backyard experience while doing it quickly and within your budget.