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  1. We Can Help You Create Your Dream Patio
  2. What Are the Benefits of Our Patios?
  3. Why do We Work with Renaissance Patio?
  4. Patio Covers We Offer
  5. Benefits of Working With Our Patio Contractors and Builders
  6. We Also Install Patio Doors
  7. Get Started on Your Patio Renovation Journey Today

Installing a cover for your patio can help you enjoy your backyard no matter how sunny or rainy the weather is. With a new patio cover, you won’t have to worry about hurrying your guests inside just because of a few storm clouds.

If you’re interested in protecting yourself from rain and sun exposure while you relax outside, you’ll want to speak with the patio contractors and builder at Opal Enterprises. Our team can help you find the perfect cover for your patio and make sure it’s installed properly.

We Can Help You Create Your Dream Patio

Our team at Opal Enterprises has years of experience helping homeowners renovate their properties. When you contact us, you work with a design team that considers your goals, the layout of your property, and your aesthetic preferences. 

We custom design every project we take on, working with you throughout the process to consider factors like:

  • The size of your new patio
  • The material you want for the patio design 
  • The colors you want for your patio

Our team uses high-quality materials for patio design. In addition, we specifically select materials designed to last for years to come in our Chicago climate. 

Selected high-quality materials for patios specially designed to last years

Call For More Information (888) 676-OPAL

What Are the Benefits of Our Patios?

We believe in helping homeowners in Illinois have a great renovation experience. Part of our confidence comes from offering specially designed patios that can feature: 

  • Sculpted headers 
  • Sculpted posts
  • Custom post covers
  • A customized gutter system
  • High-strength, insulated aluminum roof panels
  • Strong but simple connections 

Contact your patio contractors and builders in Chicago to learn more about how we design patios. 

Why do We Work with Renaissance Patio?

The patio contractors at Opal Enterprises have partnered with Renaissance Patio to offer a line of patio installations that will elevate your patio’s appearance, usability, and comfort, all for a reasonable price.

Renaissance got into patio design with the goal of making stronger, better-looking, easier-to-install patios. The company uses high-quality materials and efficient manufacturing techniques while keeping prices affordable. 

As an independent installer, we can access Renaissance Patio products for property owners throughout the Chicago area. 

Selected high-quality materials for patios specially designed to last years

Call For More Information (888) 676-OPAL

Patio Covers We Offer

Not only will our team install your new patio door in Naperville cover, but we’ll also help you find one that compliments your home and meets your needs.

We’ll walk you through the following options and help you find a cover that works for you:

Moderno: Clean Lines, Modern Design, and a major step up from the plain old patio roof gives your home a high-end look and feel without the high-end price tag. The Moderno patio cover from Renaissance Patio is sturdy and attractive, featuring a solid aluminum roof, post covers, and architectural gutters. This patio product is built to withstand wind, heavy snow loads, and severe weather, so you won’t have to pay for a repair or replacement any time soon.

Exterior Moderno Patio | Renaissance Patio

Contempo: Decorative framed look, aluminum simplicity, and a price you will love means your patio can be both beautiful and practical. Taking our Moderno Patio Roof and adding decorative aluminum truss ends provides that extra touch that most patios are missing, and at the same price point as the “Aluminum Wood” type products. 

Available in several attractive colors, the Contempo patio cover is highly durable, stylish, and affordable. This product is perfect for homeowners who are looking for an incredibly effective patio cover with a simplified look.

Contempo Insulated Patio Cover | Renaissance Patio

Contempo Patio Cover | Renaissance Patio

Classico: The Classico is an uncompromising take on the traditional wood-framed patio roof, with a full truss framing system that not only strengthens the structure but gives it a flawlessly high-end look. The Classico patio cover has all the benefits of a low-maintenance aluminum cover and the classy appearance of an expensive wood-framed roof. With full trusses under the roof panel, this product is sure to improve your home’s overall appearance and impress your guests. 

The Classico is an uncompromising take on the traditional wood-framed patio roof, with a full truss framing system that not only strengthens the structure but gives it a flawlessly high-end look.

Classico Aluminum Patio Cover | Renaissance Patio

Dolce Classico Screen Room Patio | Renaissance Patio

Fresco: Keeping your patio light, bright, airy, AND dry is now possible, thanks to the Fresco Patio Cover. Incorporating a decorative translucent pearl, polycarbonate roofing system means your patio can have 70% of the sun’s light pass right through while keeping out the rain and reducing heat transfer into the space by up to 60%. 

The Fresco patio cover is the perfect option for a homeowner who wants to keep their patio cool without blocking out too much sunlight. This polycarbonate patio cover allows some light to pass through, so you can enjoy the day without getting uncomfortably warm.

Fresco Patio Cover | Renaissance Patio

Aria: The Aria is a low-maintenance, aircraft-grade aluminum alloy patio cover that allows you to choose how much shade or sunlight you want. Using the easily adjustable shade lattice, you’ll be able to get the perfect amount of protection from the sun, no matter how bright it is out. The Aria shade trellis was designed from the ground up to serve two purposes: to be a stunning work of art in your backyard and to provide shade so you can enjoy the outdoors all summer. 

Although it looks similar to a wooden shade trellis, the Aria shade trellis incorporates high-strength, low-maintenance extruded aluminum so you can spend your weekends enjoying yourself instead of repainting.

White Aria Pergola | Patio Cover

Aria Pergola Aluminum Patio Cover

Lumino: The Lumino is a patio sunroom that’s perfect for homeowners who want to enjoy a beautiful, natural view of their backyard without having to brave the elements. The Lumino can be enjoyed with the windows opened or closed, depending on your preferences and the weather.

Dolce: The Dolce is a screen room system that allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a patio without having to worry about bugs or wild animals. This product can be added to any Renaissance Patio patio cover to provide an extra layer of protection from nature’s nuisances. 

As you can see, our contractors can help you choose from a number of different products for your patio. At first, our catalog might seem overwhelming, but with some help from our friendly team, we’ll be able to find the perfect option for you in no time. 

Benefits of Working With Our Patio Contractors and Builders

When you work with our contractors and builders to install a brand-new patio cover, you’ll enjoy a number of amazing advantages other exterior renovation companies simply can’t offer. Here’s what you can expect from working with our team:

Experienced Assistance

Our team of contractors and builders has helped homeowners throughout the Chicagoland area with their exterior renovation projects since 2017. We can use our valuable experience and knowledge to guide you through the installation process and help you make the choices that are right for you.

We’ll walk you through all the patio cover options we offer and answer any questions you have about the Renaissance Patio products we carry. Our team members have in-depth information on all our products, so don’t be afraid to ask about the materials, styles, colors, or other specifications we have available.

Once it’s time to put in your new patio cover, you can trust that our team has the training and skills to provide a flawless installation.

Lifetime Labor Warranty

We want to make sure that your new patio cover is put in correctly, allowing you to get the most out of your installation. If you find that an error was made during the installation process, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and let us know. We’ll do everything we can to remedy the issue, so you can have a finished product that you’re proud of.

To take advantage of our lifetime labor warranty, simply fill out a warranty request form, and we’ll be in touch with you shortly. 

Excellent Customer Service

At Opal Enterprises, we want our customers to have a wonderful remodeling experience. We truly care about your home improvement experience and want to do everything we can to give you the patio cover of your dreams. 

That’s why we offer excellent customer service from start to finish. When you first contact us, we won’t transfer you to a call center to speak with someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Instead, we’ll connect you with a home renovation professional who can offer thoughtful and understandable answers to all our questions.

We also offer speedy estimates, which are much faster than the industry average. Once we’ve found the right product for you at the right price, we’ll schedule your installation. When our patio builders come to put in your new cover, they’ll be respectful of your home and answer any questions you have about maintaining or operating your new cover.

Renaissance Patio Cover Overall Benefit

Renaissance Patio Cover Difference Comparison

We Also Install Patio Doors

To make your patio even more functional, consider investing in a new patio door. Our contractors carry a variety of stunning, durable, and highly-efficient options from Kolbe®, Andersen Windows & Doors®, and ProVia® doors.

Visit one of our showrooms in Des Plaines or Naperville to see all the doors we have to offer. Our helpful team can help you customize a door to match your home’s aesthetic and meet your needs as a homeowner. 

Get Started on Your Patio Renovation Journey Today

Once we’ve outfitted your home with a brand-new patio cover and patio door, you’ll have an outdoor escape that’s perfect for entertaining guests or relaxing by yourself. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of your backyard without worrying about getting sunburnt or having to postpone because of bad weather. 

To get started on the patio renovation process, contact Opal Enterprises. When you reach out to us, a professional from our team will ask you about your renovation goals and answer any questions you have about our products. Once we’ve found the right patio cover for you, it will only be a short matter of time until your product is installed and ready for you to enjoy!