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Pergolas Add a Stylish, Functional Touch to Your Outdoor Space

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  1. Why Choose Opal Enterprises? 
  2. Why Homeowners Choose Pergolas
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If you have spent much time scrolling Pinterest for backyard ideas, you have, without a doubt, seen some beautiful landscapes that prominently feature beautiful pergolas.

They offer beauty and function to your outdoor space. By providing shade from the sun while furnishing your yard with a lovely focal point, you can create a kind of outdoor room that will be enjoyed for years. 

At Opal Enterprises, we are the officially licensed installers for Renaissance Patio Products. We are proud to share these amazing products with our clients. Pergolas add beauty to your home, and with Renaissance Patio Products, we can do this cost-effectively, in a short time, and with very little maintenance. Your pergola will stand up to the elements and provide you with your new favorite spot. 

Why Choose Opal Enterprises? 

  • Pergolas and patios require architectural knowledge and engineering. We think through your home’s structure and backyard environment to ensure you get the outdoor room that will best work for your home.
  • Our products are top-notch. Renaissance Patio Products are durable, low maintenance, and beautiful. The stylish touches are sure to please every homeowner.
  • We have all the products you need to pull your exterior together in a cohesive look. Whether you are looking for doors, siding, windows, a new sunroom, or patio covering, we have you covered.

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Why Homeowners Choose Pergolas

Pergolas provide a great base for an outdoor room. They provide a focal point and can convert a space that may not often be used into a favorite spot. Pergolas are great additions to your yard, providing a room to read a book, relax outdoors, grill on a warm night, or socialize with family and friends. 

Having an area with a roof that provides protection from the sun creates the perfect centerpiece for your yard. Opal Enterprises has many choices that will suit any home style. Listed below are a few reasons why a pergola might be a great addition to your yard: 

  • Protection from the sun: Having a shady spot, away from the heat, to relax can turn an empty spot on your lawn into a gathering place or a place to seek some solo time in a beautiful, comfortable space. You and your family can enjoy being outside without quite the exposure to harmful UV rays.
  • Affordability: When considering your options for making your yard a lovely oasis for the entire household to enjoy, cost often comes into play. A pergola lends a lot of the features you may be looking for in your project for an affordable price.
  • Creating a room: A pergola creates a type of outdoor room, outlining an area and separating it from the rest of the yard. This establishes a beautiful room for entertaining, cooking or dining, relaxing, or even working. Outdoor office, anyone? 

Contact Opal Enterprises to Discuss Your Future Pergola

Adding a pergola can not only increase the enjoyment of your backyard, it can also increase your property’s value. At Opal Enterprises, we customize the design to fit your need and your individual style. Renaissance Patio Products provides you with durable, attractive, low-maintenance materials, and our installers are quick and efficient. 

You will be enjoying your new pergola in no time. Reach out today to see what we can do for you.