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Evanston Single-Hung Window Installation

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  1. Our Evanston Window Installation & Replacement Process
  2. Types of Single-Hung Window Materials
  3. Pros of Installing Single-Hung Windows in Evanston, IL
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You probably know this already, but if you’re wondering what a single-hung window is, it’s a window that you can only open from the bottom sash and push upwards. Single-hung windows are popular in Evanston and the state of Illinois. 

In fact, they are more commonly found in significantly colder parts of the country, like the North and Midwest. They’re the most common type of window in Illinois homes and can only be installed by professionals like Opal Enterprises. We provide high-quality single-hung window installation services in Evanston. Our services cover both the installation of new windows and the replacement of old ones. 

Our window installation team can handle even the most complicated single-hung window installation projects in our city. We always make sure to get the project right from the get-go. Our Evanston windows replacement contractors are meticulous, smart, professional, capable, and experienced. We work hard to get the job done the first time, so you can enjoy your new windows. 

Our Evanston Window Installation & Replacement Process

Although single-hung window installation is arguably the simplest window installation, there’s still a process to it. Here’s what that looks like:

  • First, you contact us to explain the details of your project
  • We will then come to your property to inspect the windows you want to install or replace
  • After inspection, we’ll explain what needs to be done
  • If you agree, we’ll take measurements of your windows and show you the available options that you can choose from
  • If you want, you can visit our office to check out our more robust collection
  • We’ll then provide you with an estimate based on the materials you want, the number of window panes, window frames, and more
  • We’ll then get to work constructing the windows for you
  • Once that’s done, we’ll install the window and make sure we do a fine job

Our contractors are fast, effective, and great at getting the job done fast and on time. Our window installation job will be done to your taste, will look great both inside and outside, and will provide excellent insulation from Evanston’s extreme temperatures. And if you spring for the double or triple-pane single-hung window, you will be able to completely shut out the outside noise. 

This process applies to both the installation of brand-new windows and the replacement of old ones with our modern windows. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Types of Single-Hung Window Materials

Not all single-hung windows are equal. Some are more energy-efficient, and superior than others. For example, House A can have single-hung windows that completely shut out street noise, insulate the house better, and save the homeowner some energy costs. 

Then, there’s House B with the same window design. But in this case, noise from the street filters in easily, the windows do a poor job of insulating the property, it’s colder or warmer near the windows than it is in other parts of the house, there’s condensation on the windows when it’s cold, and energy costs are high.

Anyone looking at both homes would expect that both homes would have similar comfort levels, but that’s not often the case. Why? The secret lies in the materials and types of single-hung windows used by both property owners. 

Chances are that the single-hung windows in House A were double-pane or triple-pane, and made from high-quality materials, while the other had a single pane and was made from cheaper window materials. 

There are many single-hung window options that are available to property owners looking to change their windows or install a brand new one. These include:

Out of these four, fiberglass provides the best value in terms of energy efficiency, durability, aesthetics, and quality. The other three also have their merits and will provide good value. Ultimately, your choice and the final outcome or performance of your windows will depend on the materials that you use. 

Pros of Installing Single-Hung Windows in Evanston, IL

These have a lot of benefits that you can easily enjoy. These benefits include:

  • Ease of installation, replacement, and repair
  • They cost a lot less than other windows like awning, casement, or even double-hung, e.g., Single-hung windows is about 25 to 75 percent cheaper than double-hung windows
  • They are better at insulation because only one sash opens from the bottom
  • They have less air leaks, which translates to higher energy efficiency and lower utility bills
  • They are dynamic and can be fabricated from multiple materials
  • They can be framed in different shapes, e.g., curved arch, geometric, eyebrow, or gothic shapes
  • They provide better security as they can only be opened from one part of the window and through just one lock
  • They can save more space as they don’t take up any interior or exterior space

They work great if you live in a bungalow or they’re installed on the ground floor of a property. This would make it easier to clean and maintain them. However, if you’re not worried about the cleaning process per se–for instance, you can climb a ladder and clean from the outside, these work in multi-story buildings too. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Contact an Experienced Evanston Single-Hung Window Installation Service

All successful window installations are usually a combination of good materials and great skills. Choosing the right installer is just as important as the material. Without one, the other will not be perfect. This is why you need Opal Enterprises’ experienced Evanston single-hung window installation technicians. 

We have been serving Illinois residents for about 20 years and have installed thousands of single-hung windows for hundreds of customers in that time. Our customers are very satisfied and have often referred others or become repeat customers themselves because we always do a fantastic job for our clients. 

So, whether you’re looking for top-class window replacement services in Evanston or want to install brand-new window units, we are here to help. We’re licensed, bonded, and insured. Plus, we offer a lifetime warranty on all our products and a five-year labor warranty. 

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