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Featured Project Case Studies

Meeting the Most Important Consideration When Dealing With Siding Contractors

The Story: Opal Exteriors is so pleased to have Todd and Linda return to Opal for additional home improvements! Previously, Opal had installed new windows and siding sections that the couple were completely satisfied with. Todd contacted Opal once again because he discovered hail damage on his 1968 home in DuPage county while cleaning the original aluminum siding from a recent summer storm. Although there was another contractor repairing other homes on their street that [...]

A Naperville Homeowner’s Need to Replace Cedar Siding

The Problem: Mary B.'s 1965 family home was in need of a new exterior. The gray cedar shingle siding was original to the house and had suffered extensive woodpecker damage over the years. She maintained her home's exterior by painting the cedar, but it was time for something new. Researching options for her home independently, she sought out the perfect contractor for the job. She had a negative experience in the past where a [...]

Naperville Newlyweds Needed New Windows – Opal to The Rescue!

The Situation: Newlyweds Chris and Colleen N. were in need of new windows to replace the original ones for their townhome. Built in 1989, their townhome needed seven new windows and potentially a new patio door. In addition to being drafty and dirty, the windows were very difficult to open and close. Furthermore, the seals around the windows were in very poor condition. Having considered their options, they decided to go ahead and replace their [...]

Naperville Home’s Exterior Makeover – How Education Erases Fears and Concerns

THE SITUATION Bill and Nancy B. were looking to upgrade the exterior of their home. The siding on the house was 32 years old and the wood around the front door was rotting away. They had recently had work done on their chimney and were ready to update their siding, doors, gutters, and shutters. In their search for contractors, they had reached out to two other contractors prior to contacting Opal Exteriors-- one never responded [...]

Selecting New Replacement Windows in Wheaton is Easy with Award-Winning Opal Exteriors

THE SITUATION Ellen and Tom O. were ready to replace the 20 windows that were original to their home when it was built. Their windows were a combination of white, mix-stained, and painted windows that no longer operated well and were drafty. They wanted to convert them to all white for aesthetic consistency, but purchasing windows that were energy-efficient and no-maintenance were a top priority. With plans to sell their house in the near [...]

Naperville Homeowner Requires Reputable Company for Replacement Windows & Siding

THE SITUATION John N. needed to find a contractor to replace the remaining 16 windows in his 30-year old house. It was important that he felt confident the same contractor could also replace his siding, as his next follow up project. He had worked with several contractors in the past on numerous projects and had experienced mixed results. He was looking for a company he could trust to give him recommendations as to the [...]

Replacement Windows, Siding, and Gutters: Taking Care Of Your Home Like Our Own

THE SITUATION Brad and Evelyn W. needed some updating on their family home. They had been planning to replace the original windows and siding of their home built in 1964 for about four years and were ready to execute their plans. They needed 11 windows to replace the single pane windows that were no longer efficient or in good shape. The siding of their home was repainted approximately 8-10 years prior, but they no [...]

Aurora Replacement Windows Project—Don’t Be Sold Overpriced Vinyl Windows

THE SITUATION Jennifer and Eric B. lived in a second-story condo that needed 5 windows and a patio door replaced. It wasn’t their forever home, but the original windows were about 30 years old and they had been considering replacing them. In their search for the perfect window replacement contractor, they really wanted the project to be reasonably priced without a pushy sales representative, and they wanted a company with excellent communication. After all, [...]

Buying Replacement Windows in Wheaton Doesn’t Need to be Difficult or Confusing

THE SITUATION Maureen L. needed to replace 15 windows for her home. Her current windows were old, no longer functioning properly, and not very energy-efficient. She is planning on selling her home in the future and wanted to invest in new windows but did not want to overspend. She did as much research as she could before calling potential contractors, but after getting 4 estimates, she was thoroughly confused. The estimates she had received [...]