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Naperville Homeowner Requires Reputable Company for Replacement Windows & Siding

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John N. needed to find a contractor to replace the remaining 16 windows in his 30-year old house. It was important that he felt confident the same contractor could also replace his siding, as his next follow up project. He had worked with several contractors in the past on numerous projects and had experienced mixed results. He was looking for a company he could trust to give him recommendations as to the right products for his home. He was concerned about maintaining the original look of the home and only wanted to use name brand products to ensure a high resale value when he sells his home. His research indicated that he would get a higher quality window install if he worked with a company that understood his plan for new siding and was able to incorporate that type of install process into the window replacement project. He also only wanted to work with one company for both phases. Finding a company with the competency to do both projects well was a much bigger and more difficult process than his previous experiences with other home improvement projects.