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Naperville Newlyweds Needed New Windows – Opal to The Rescue!

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Newlyweds Chris and Colleen N. were in need of new windows to replace the original ones for their townhome. Built in 1989, their townhome needed seven new windows and potentially a new patio door. In addition to being drafty and dirty, the windows were very difficult to open and close. Furthermore, the seals around the windows were in very poor condition. Having considered their options, they decided to go ahead and replace their windows. Their neighborhood had a Home Owners Association, so it was important their new windows followed HOA regulations. Chris and Colleen explained that the most important factors in finding a company to complete their home’s upgrade was the quality of work, reasonable pricing, honesty, and an open line of communication. They wanted to know what they were getting and how it would be completed before committing to a specific company.