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Replacement Windows, Siding, and Gutters: Taking Care Of Your Home Like Our Own

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Brad and Evelyn W. needed some updating on their family home. They had been planning to replace the original windows and siding of their home built in 1964 for about four years and were ready to execute their plans. They needed 11 windows to replace the single pane windows that were no longer efficient or in good shape. The siding of their home was repainted approximately 8-10 years prior, but they no longer wished to have aluminum siding that required as much upkeep as this ultimately needed.

In the past, they had hired a contractor to resurface their driveway. The contractor produced decent work but unfortunately ceased all communication after completing the job. They were not able to get a hold of the contractor to fix minor issues, and they disliked the inability to reach him. For this project, they really wanted to hire someone they could rely on at a future time if they needed issues addressed. The dedicated team of experts at our Naperville window replacement company is happy to keep in touch with clients and address any concerns that might arise.