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Aurora Replacement Windows Project—Don’t Be Sold Overpriced Vinyl Windows

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Jennifer and Eric B. lived in a second-story condo that needed 5 windows and a patio door replaced. It wasn’t their forever home, but the original windows were about 30 years old and they had been considering replacing them. In their search for the perfect window replacement contractor, they really wanted the project to be reasonably priced without a pushy sales representative, and they wanted a company with excellent communication. After all, nobody likes being left in the dark. Vinyl replacement windows had been recommended to them, so they agreed that white interior and white exterior vinyl windows were a fitting selection for their home- plus these fit their HOA requirements, and it was critical that the new windows be HOA-approved. Eric and Jennifer wanted to be sure they replaced the windows with a quality product for not only themselves, but also for the next homeowners when it was time to sell.

A simple vinyl window install can significantly boost the quality of your life at home. It can take as little as 30 minutes to secure the window in position. However, this is highly dependent on the size and model of the product.