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  1. Factors to Consider in Sunroom Windows
  2. Types of Sunroom Windows 
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Some Wheeling homes have a sunroom that combines indoor and outdoor elements. It is a great space to spend time with the family. The most critical aspect of your sunroom is the windows. 

Some windows open, while others provide views and are inoperable. The purpose of your sunroom is a major contributing factor to the type of window you will need. Work with Opal Enterprises to find the best fit for you. 

Factors to Consider in Sunroom Windows

The sunroom can quickly turn into the best part of the home, and the main reason is the windows you choose. There are factors you should consider when selecting your windows for sunroom. Here is the ultimate guide to know everything about sunroom windows.

First, you must consider the type of sunroom windows and the frame materials you desire. Energy efficiency is also an essential factor and the placement of the sunroom. You want windows that do not raise the costs of your energy bills and offer you great views. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Types of Sunroom Windows 

There are different styles and materials available for sunroom windows. The function will impact your decision and whether you want them in your home. When replacing your windows in Plainfield and other areas in Illinois you should also consider the rest of your home. 


You will get the best views with a picture window because they do not have any latches, knobs, or other obstructions. Homeowners place these windows on the far wall to take in the view. These are the most popular window styles for sunrooms. However, remember they do not move, and you cannot open them, so it is a permanent feature.  


Another popular option is sliding because they can slide to either side, and you can leave them open during the fall to take in the breeze. They are also childproof, so you do not need to worry about safety.  

Double Hung 

Popular all around the home are double-hung windows that open up and down instead of side to side like sliding windows. It is also the easiest window to match with the rest of your home and offers exceptional ventilation.  


You will use a crank to open a casement window, which will have an elegant look. You will get sunlight and airflow into the sunroom.  


Awning windows open from the bottom and tilt out. We often place them in the kick of the sunroom. The main benefit of these windows is that Wheeling homeowners can leave them open during rainy weather.  


Another fixed sunroom window option is sunlight window styles. You will see these on two sides of a door. The main difference between a sidelight and a picture window is the size. Sidelight windows are skinnier. They also match nearly any window.  

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The options are endless for your Wheeling sunroom. Not only can you use stand-alone windows in sunrooms but also inside of doors. You can have picturesque views when you combine windows and doors. There are also skylight options for sunrooms. 

Discuss all your sunroom window options with an Opal representative by calling us, contacting us online, or visiting our Des Plaines showroom.