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  1. The Benefits of Awning Windows 
  2. Who Makes Awning Windows? 
  3. Opal Enterprises Has the Awning Windows for You 

Woodridge is a small, young community with homes, businesses, and churches. Many of these homes and businesses were constructed after 1950, so it is time for an update. Windows change the entire aesthetic of the house, but how do you choose between a casement and an awning window? 

An awning window has similarities to a casement window because they both have hinges and use cranks. That is where the similarities end. Awning windows open at the bottom, and the hinge is at the top, not the side. The kitchen and bathrooms are the best areas of your home for these windows. 

The Benefits of Awning Windows 

There are several benefits to choosing an awning window over other styles of windows. 

More Airflow and Light

You will get more airflow because of how the window opens. Since these windows extend outward, you can get a breeze into your home without the outside elements—and yes, that includes rain. Inclement weather is no match for awning windows. Additionally, since the windows are so large, you will get more light into your Woodridge home. 

Unobstructed Views

You will also have a less obstructed view of the outside. One possible downside to the windows is they come in a select number of sizes. While you might see that as a downside, it is good because you can combine different window styles, allowing you to enjoy awning windows and other windows without compromise. 


If cost is a concern, awning windows are more affordable than other options. Installing is less expensive, and they have built-in energy efficiency, which will translate into lower energy bills. These windows close tight so no air can leak in or out. The more air stays in your home, the more comfort you and your family have and the less stress on your air conditioner. 

Added Security

An overlooked benefit is the added security these windows offer. When a thief enters a home, they often use the windows. Since awning windows do not open up and down, they are more challenging for thieves to access. 

High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Who Makes Awning Windows? 

Opal Enterprises works with three window manufacturers to bring homes in Chicagoland an array of window options. Since these windows have such specific design features, you would assume they are difficult to find, but they are not. 

Awning windows come in a variety of materials and colors. When installing new windows, you must ensure they match your style, whether modern or French cottage. Once you decide on the kind of window, you will need to find the manufacturer with what you need. 

Andersen, Kolbe, and Provia provide awning windows to Opal customers. Opal Enterprises work closely with these manufacturers to bring you the best window solution. 

Opal Enterprises Has the Awning Windows for You 

When affordability and access are a concern, you need to speak with an Opal Enterprises team member to find the best solution for you. We work exclusively with Kolbe, Provia, and Andersen to bring you the best options for your Woodridge home. You can see window examples in one of our showrooms, or you can contact us online today for awning window installation services.