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  1. The Beechworth Window Collection
  2. Exterior Fiberglass Finishes:
  3. Interior Wood Finishes:
  4. Interior Fiberglass Finishes:
  5. Hardware

The Beechworth line was launched in 2015 by James Hardie Building Products. They are made right here in the midwest at a manufacturing plant with a long history in premium fiberglass windows. Beechworth Windows are energy star rated and highly energy efficient even in harsh midwest weather. They come in a variety of color options that pair marvelously with James Hardie Siding!

The Beechworth Window Collection

Wood Where You Want it, Fiberglass where you Need it.


High-quality, energy-efficient windows in your home

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Exterior Fiberglass Finishes:

Exterior colors come pre-finished by Beechworth for maximum longevity. Beechworth’s exterior finishes resist fading, cracking, and chipping. These colors are designed to pair nicely with James Hardie colors!


Interior Wood Finishes:

Beechworth interiors are made of real pine wood. They can come pre-finished or Opal can custom finish them with your choice of paint or stain.


Interior Fiberglass Finishes:

A slim contemporary fiberglass profile that allows for more daylight in your home



How Long have the Beechworth windows been around?

The James Hardie Brand purchased a technology that was already in place! James Hardie and Beechworth did not invest nor develop this window from scratch but rather took an already established process and made the right improvements! 2014 is when Beechworth proudly released their window to the Chicago market! Since 2014 Opal Enterprises has improved hundreds of home with this wonderful window brand.

Why Choose Beechworth Wood Interior Windows?

Beechworth windows are the right fit for a home when wood-interiors are wanted (with a fiberglass exterior) and the homeowner does not need a buffet of choices. Beechworth’s approach to the Chicago market is simplicity at a great price point! They have some lovely choices to choose from, just not as near as many choices as Andersen Windows offer.

What are the benefits of having a fiberglass exterior cladding?

Beechworth windows use proprietary resin reinforcing fiberglass fabric and fine glass fibers to make up the cladding of their fiberglass exteriors. This material combination separates the Beechworth window frame from the cheaper and weaker alternatives. WHY? Because all windows expand and contract in the building. A fiberglass replacement window will move the least in your home because the material is so strong and durable.

What Glass Packages do the Beechworth windows offer for comfort?

Beechworth windows offer 3 easy to understand glass packages.

  • Standard Glass with 2 soft coatings of Low-E
  • Advanced Glass with 3 soft coatings of Low-E
  • Max Glass with 3 soft coatings of Low E + 1 hard coating

Why have Opal Enterprises replace your windows?

When Opal Enterprises chooses a window brand to partner with, it takes us years to make that decision. We want to be very sure and careful that we are only offering the best to our customers. Once we do make a decision to install a window in a home, we stand behind that brand 100%! Watch this quick vide for an Opal owner:

What does U-Factor measure?

U-Factor is the measure of the flow of heat through a window. The LOWER the U-factor, the better the insulation.