Replacement Windows, Siding, and Gutters: Taking Care Of Your Home Like Our Own

Replacement Windows, Siding, and Gutters: Taking Care Of Your Home Like Our Own


Brad and Evelyn W. needed some updating on their family home. They had been planning to replace the original windows and siding of their home built in 1964 for about four years and were ready to execute their plans. They needed 11 windows to replace the single pane windows that were no longer efficient or in good shape. The siding of their home was repainted approximately 8-10 years prior, but they no longer wished to have aluminum siding that required as much upkeep as this ultimately needed.

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In the past, they had hired a contractor to resurface their driveway. The contractor produced decent work but unfortunately ceased all communication after completing the job. They were not able to get a hold of the contractor to fix minor issues, and they disliked the inability to reach him. For this project, they really wanted to hire someone they could rely on at a future time if they needed issues addressed.

Additionally, it was critical to them that whomever they hired for this project would put in the effort to truly understand what they needed while helping them weigh their options–not just “sell” them on products solely to make a commission. They simply wanted to work with someone who was honest, offered great quality materials, and provided excellent work.

Prior to reaching out to Opal Exteriors, they had contacted two other companies who attempted to sway their window and siding selections. One company did not have a large selection to choose from and pushed vinyl windows which were of no interest to them. They also failed to take the time to address some of their concerns, leaving them feeling ignored. The other company had not even given them an estimate yet.



Knowing this was a multi-step process, Brad and Evelyn contacted Opal Exteriors. They selected Opal because of “The whole package–products, services, promotions, financing, thoroughness during the estimating process, very personable and friendly representatives, and price to value relationship.” An Opal employee provided them with marketing materials for each of the products they were interested in and assisted them in additional research. They noted that Opal’s sales process was “very thorough. The estimator took the time to really understand what we wanted and was able to address specific areas where we had questions/concerns. We knew what we were getting and what it was going to cost at a line-item level.”

The work completed included removing and disposing of the specified windows, installing 11 Premium Wood Interior windows, removing and replacing the aluminum siding with James Hardie Siding, and installing new gutters.

“Voytek, the job foreman, was a true craftsman. He didn’t miss one detail. They were hard workers and always cleaned up after themselves,” recounted Brad and Evelyn when surveyed about their thoughts on Opal Exteriors’ crew performance. They also shared that the Opal crew treated their property “like it was their own. Voytek had a vision for how we could do things in terms of design that really made a difference in the final outcome… we couldn’t have asked for a better crew or a better, smoother installation. Everyone who worked on our job was top notch and did a great job for us. We didn’t have any concerns with the workmanship or quality of the job.”

In describing Opal’s communication process, Brad and Evelyn explained, “We never had an issue getting a hold of the person we needed to talk to from the estimator, to the project manager, to the crew foreman. Emails were always replied to in a timely fashion. Cell phone calls were either answered or quickly replied to.”

When asked if they would recommend Opal Exteriors, they emphatically stated, “Absolutely! We have! Our experience was so good that we can very comfortably recommend Opal without worrying about them having a bad experience. Opal did a great job for us at all levels. We love the work that was done and receive many, many compliments on how our house looks now.”