Naperville Newlyweds Needed New Windows – Opal to The Rescue!

Naperville Newlyweds Needed New Windows – Opal to The Rescue!

The Situation:

Newlyweds Chris and Colleen N. were in need of new windows to replace the original ones for their townhome. Built in 1989, their townhome needed seven new windows and potentially a new patio door. In addition to being drafty and dirty, the windows were very difficult to open and close. Furthermore, the seals around the windows were in very poor condition. Having considered their options, they decided to go ahead and replace their windows. Their neighborhood had a Home Owners Association, so it was important their new windows followed HOA regulations.

Chris and Colleen explained that the most important factors in finding a company to complete their home’s upgrade was the quality of work, reasonable pricing, honesty, and an open line of communication. They wanted to know what they were getting and how it would be completed before committing to a specific company.

Having already received an estimate from one company, the couple was looking for additional bids. It was important to them that the company they selected would take time to help educate them about their replacement window options. They had spent an abundant amount of time researching companies and pricing out options, and while they had no negative experiences with contractors in the past, it was taxing on the couple, especially after contacting their fifth company for a visit and quote. They explained that each appointment ranged between 1-2 hours per visit, and their search results were beginning to blur as they tried to remember and compare what each company’s quote offered.

Prepared to pay out of pocket for their new investment, they were in no rush to make their final selection. They truly wanted to find the right company first.

The Solution:

Chris and Colleen met with Ryan, an Opal sales representative. Ryan quickly and thoroughly answered all of their questions in a friendly, professional manner that the couple exclaimed really stood out from the competition. They had some less than stellar interactions receiving other company quotes, so Ryan’s service was a breath of fresh air. Chris explained that, comparatively, Opal’s pricing (and top-notch customer service) was the best of the quotes they received. They had a couple of other companies provide them with significantly higher quotes for lower quality windows, which was a big deciding factor for them. Ryan spent the time to work with the couple to discuss options and educate them to which they were appreciative as this form of open communication and education was a priority for them.

Feeling that Opal’s prices and quality, along with the customer support they received from Ryan, were exactly what they needed, they began the upgrades. They selected 7 fiberglass windows for their home, with a matching sand beige exterior color, and white interior full screens, and standard LowE glass. Additionally, they chose to replace their original patio door with a sliding Anderson 100 Series (Fibrex).

Chris and Colleen explained that there were no hidden charges in the quote which was precise and easy to read with no confusing information. Ryan outlined any potential additional charges that may occur once the existing windows were removed, such as rotted wood, etc. They were grateful to have full disclosure which was another priority for them.

The couple reported that Opal’s installation crew were all very professional and courteous and made sure to clean their mess at the end of every workday. The job was executed correctly the first time with no error, and they are very impressed with the outcome and Opal’s customer service.

Once the job was finished, Chris and Colleen were thrilled that their final bill was in fact less than the initial quote, AND the project did not extend past the expected job completion time. They loved that there were no surprises or hiccups, and they appreciated Ryan’s quick response to any questions they had.

Since completion, Chris and Colleen have already recommended Opal to others looking for work on their homes and have mentioned Opal in several conversations when discussing the work that was done. Additionally, they were excited to share that they have several more windows that will be replaced in the future and will be directly calling Opal. They are happy to trust Opal with their home’s updates and not waste any more time collecting overpriced quotes from other companies.

Lastly, Chris and Colleen wanted to provide the following parting thoughts, “Opal is a top-notch company and has a great crew, and we will be going to them for all of our window needs. Great service and a quality product that will last us for a very long time. If you’re in the market for new windows, look no further. Opal will make sure that you’re getting everything you need!”