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What Does a Door Threshold Do?

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Why Do You Need Exterior Door Thresholds? There Are Options Available Are There Energy-Efficient Options? Opal Has Door Thresholds in Our Showrooms

When installing new doors, Park Ridge homeowners do not consider the door threshold. Most people do not even realize the threshold is essential to the door. While small, it is mighty; you need it to protect your door frame. The door threshold is the separator or transition between one space and another. 

Suppose you are entering your home; you will go through the threshold that separates the outside world from your comfortable home. 

Fun Fact: you can customize your threshold with different materials and decorative options. Speak to Opal Enterprises about your threshold when you are installing new doors.

Why Do You Need Exterior Door Thresholds?

A door threshold provides an air-tight fitting between the bottom of the door and your floor. It offers weatherproof benefits. You will have protection against drafts, snow, rain, and more. 

However, you can only get these benefits if you have the right threshold size. Your current threshold likely has a metal bar on the bottom, but many styles and options are available. You need a threshold because your door takes a beating from the weather and constant use. 

Your family will need to go in and out of the home, which means they will walk through the thresholds several times a day, which can result in thousands per year. Additionally, Park Ridge experiences severe weather, which can impact your door. If you have a low-quality or damaged threshold, you will suffer more damage and a lack of security. 

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There Are Options Available

There are options for your door threshold so you can get the best benefits and aesthetics for your home. Suppose someone in your home has mobility needs, and your current threshold impedes them from entering the house; threshold mobility access options work best for those situations. Some door threshold options you can choose from are:

  • Wheelchair access threshold (15mm)
  • Stepped aluminum threshold (25mm)
  • Mobility access threshold (15mm)
  • UPVC low frame threshold
  • UPVC full frame threshold 

Consider functionality and aesthetics to determine which threshold option is best for you. Also, consider materials and price. While it seems like a small choice, it significantly impacts your home. 

Are There Energy-Efficient Options?

Thresholds do not have energy-efficient options, but some can make a slight difference in your energy efficiency. If energy efficiency is a significant concern, you can look at full and low threshold options. Other features can impact your energy efficiency aside from your threshold materials. 

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Opal Has Door Thresholds in Our Showrooms

When looking for a new entry door, consider the threshold. Opal Enterprises has been helping Park Ridge and Chicagoland homeowners since 2003, and we know all the ins and outs of new doors and their thresholds. Unlike other contractors, we want homeowners to select every element of their entry and ensure they are happy and comfortable in their homes. 

The door threshold is vital to your comfort because of the weatherproofing. It also makes your home more secure. Visit our Des Plaines showroom when you are in the market for a new door.