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  1. What Are the Pros of Installing Bay Windows?
  2. What Are the Cons of Installing Bay Windows?
  3. Should You Install a Bay Window in Illinois?
  4. Why Hire Us to Handle Bay Window Installation?
  5. Speak to Us About the Pros and Cons of Bay Window Installation

Installing bay windows in your home in Illinois can represent a significant investment. Before deciding on this renovation, you may want to go over the pros and cons of installing bay windows with our team at Opal Enterprises.

Bay windows can open up a room, providing more light and beautifying your home. However, these windows may have a higher price point than standard windows. You can review the benefits and drawbacks in more detail with a window replacement professional.

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What Are the Pros of Installing Bay Windows?

You can review the pros of installing bay windows in your home in Chicago or surrounding areas with our team. We often recommend bay windows because they:

Allow in More Natural Light

Bay windows protrude outward and have multiple panes, allowing more natural sunlight to enter a room. This feature creates a brighter, more open feel for your home.

When appropriately oriented, bay windows allow warm sun to stream in and help heat a room naturally in colder months.

Give You Better Views

The protruding shape of a bay window provides a wider-angle view of the outdoors. This shape enhances exterior views, allowing you to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your indoor space.

Open Up More Space

The area inside a bay window can serve as usable interior space, effectively expanding the room size. Many people use bay window areas for seating, desks, or displays.

The bay area and recessed sides of the window provide more space for furniture like chairs, sofas, and tables.

Boost Ventilation in Your Home

Bay windows on multiple sides allow for good cross-ventilation when breezes flow through a bay window. This benefit is a plus for air circulation and can help lower your cooling bills.

Have Great Aesthetic Appeal

Bay windows have an attractive architectural look that can enhance exterior curb appeal. They create visual interest and give a room more dimension, making them a popular choice for many Chicago property owners.

Bay windows are considered a desirable feature by many home buyers. They can potentially boost a home’s value.

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What Are the Cons of Installing Bay Windows?

We recommend bay windows for many homeowners in Illinois. However, we also believe in providing complete information about your renovation options, including potential downsides of bay window installation. These windows:

May Cost More

Bay windows are generally more costly to install compared to regular windows due to their protruding structure and the extra construction work required.

Can Increase Heat Loss

The multiple panes and protruding shape can increase heat loss during colder weather if the bay windows are not adequately sealed and insulated. This design can raise heating costs, so we recommend working with a professional installation team.

Picking the right window coverings can help mitigate energy loss. You can also look for windows that fit EnergyStar requirements.

May Lead to Moisture Condensation

The joins where the windows meet may allow more cold air and moisture penetration that can lead to condensation on the window panes. Our team has the training and equipment to ensure proper installation.

Further, more joints mean more potential entry points for water leaks if improperly sealed during installation.

Could Require Roofing Adjustments

Installing a bay window often requires adjusting the roofline and overhangs, which sometimes adds cost and complexity to a renovation project. Properly finishing and sealing the exterior around a new bay window requires extra siding, flashing, and sealing in many cases.

Depending on the size, a heavy bay window may require additional support beams or brackets underneath to bear the weight.

Could Need More Cleaning and Maintenance

Bay windows have more window surfaces to clean, seal, and maintain over time due to the multiple panes and joints. Therefore, we recommend that you factor in additional cleaning time when installing bay windows.

Overall, bay windows are a more complex project that requires considering the extra costs, risks, and maintenance needs compared to a standard replacement window. Proper installation is critical to minimizing the potential downsides.

Should You Install a Bay Window in Illinois?

The final decision regarding bay window installation in Chicago and surrounding areas comes down to your personal preferences after you review the pros and cons of the process. Some property owners decide to go with a bay window; others may consider different options.

Our team can install many different types of windows, including:

You can discuss these options in greater detail by contacting us today.

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Why Hire Us to Handle Bay Window Installation?

Our team at Opal Enterprises has the training, experience, and equipment to handle bay window installation if you decide to move forward with your project after considering the pros and cons of this remodeling idea.

Our design team can help you review all your options for new windows, help you select the right bay window, or assist if you decide to go in a different direction with the remodel. We focus on ensuring you have a great experience and get the result you want.

We offer financing options to help you plan the budget for remodels involving bay windows and have a project manager who sticks with you throughout the job to answer any questions. Find out more by reaching out today.

Speak to Us About the Pros and Cons of Bay Window Installation

Want to learn more about the pros and cons of installing bay windows in Illinois? You can contact our team at Opal Enterprises to go over all the benefits and potential drawbacks with a professional remodeling company.

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