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Are ProVia Doors Worth The Price?

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Is ProVia a Good Door Brand? Why Choose ProVia Doors in Illinois? Who Are provia’s Competitors for Doors? Are ProVia Exterior Doors Good for the Price in Illinois? How Much Do ProVia Doors Cost? How Long Do ProVia Doors Last? Contact Us to Learn More About ProVia Doors in Illinois

ProVia manufactures high-quality, durable, and energy-efficient doors. However, the company has a reputation for charging higher prices for their doors than other manufacturers, leading many property owners to ask: are ProVia doors with the price? 

ProVia has earned its reputation for quality and durability. Therefore, many property owners find them worth the price. We’ll go over why many property owners choose ProVia here, and you can contact our team at Opal Enterprises to learn more.

Is ProVia a Good Door Brand?

ProVia stands as a leading door manufacturer. The company designs and produces entry doors, storm doors, patio doors, and other materials for around the home, such as vinyl siding. 

The company stands behind its reputation, focusing on creating doors that boost energy efficiency for property owners. They also make durable doors that they back up with a substantial warranty. 

ProVia offers a lifetime warranty for many of the doors they sell, which many property owners find reassuring. Even if something goes wrong with a ProVia door, you can easily contact the company about getting it fixed or replaced. 

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Why Choose ProVia Doors in Illinois?

Are ProVia doors worth the price? Many property owners throughout Illinois find these doors to be more than worth the cost. When you select a ProVia door for your home or business, you get access to the following:

A Wide Range of Options

ProVia offers four different lines of doors, each called a series. Each series provides you with choices for styles, sizes, decorative options for glass, and finishes. For example, the Signet series offers you several wood grain finishes, including: 

  • Knotty alder
  • Fir
  • Mahogany
  • Oak
  • Cherry

The Legacy series, on the other hand, uses 49% more steel than standard door models and a thinner coating of zinc. As a result, these doors have a reputation for being heavy-duty and easy to paint. 

The wide range of choices allows you to choose the door that best fits your needs and aesthetic, making ProVia a popular choice for doors in Illinois. 

High Energy Efficiency

ProVia boats some of the most energy-efficiency doors for sale in the country. Specifically, their Embarq series has a reputation for efficiency. In addition, ProVia uses an insulated form of fiberglass for these doors, granting them an Energy Star certification

The Embarq series comes with a 0.09 U-factor rating. This measurement tracks the thermal heat conduction of doors. A low rating, which the Embarq series has, means the door conducts less heat, helping you maintain a steady temperature in your home. 

Options for Sidelites

ProVia also offers a range of sideline options for all their doors. You can choose between different windows to install with your patio door in Naperville, adding to the curb appeal of your property. 

Allowing a professional installation crew to handle the placement of sidelines can ensure they’re put in correctly, preventing issues with drafts in the future. Our team at Opal Enterprises can handle the installation of the main door and sidelights for your commercial or residential property. 

Who Are provia’s Competitors for Doors?

Many different brands compete in the market with ProVIa. Some of these brands offer comparable options. For example, we can also recommend Andersen’s doors and stand as an approved installation company for both brands. 

Other companies, like Therma-Tru, sell cheaper doors that some property owners consider when budgeting a renovation project. However, while Therma-Tru has less expensive options, their doors lack the same degree of energy efficiency. 

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Are ProVia Exterior Doors Good for the Price in Illinois?

It’s natural to wonder if ProVia doors are worth the price in Illinois. While these doors generally cost more than other models on the market, their high degree of energy efficiency can make up for the difference in cost over time. 

These doors can help you keep your energy costs lower every month. Therefore, when you look at their usage over time, they mitigate the price difference, often costing less than less expensive doors. 

ProVia’s warranty can also help you save money over the long term. For example, if something goes wrong with your door, even years after installation, ProVia may cover the cost instead of requiring you to purchase a new door. 

How Much Do ProVia Doors Cost?

When asking, “are ProVia doors worth the price?” it’s natural to wonder what that price is. These doors vary in price depending on the series you select for your home or business. However, you can expect to pay several thousand dollars for the door and installation services. 

Fortunately, you have options to finance these doors, making the costs for your project easier to balance out. Our team offers financing options that come without closing costs or application fees. 

The financing options we offer include no penalties for prepayment. You can contact us today to discuss opportunities to pay for a ProVia door in Illinois. 

How Long Do ProVia Doors Last?

We understand how important longevity becomes when purchasing a door from a company like ProVia. Fortunately, the company has a reputation for making doors that stand the test of time in Illinois, often lasting for decades. 

Additionally, the company’s lifetime warranty may stretch the life of your door even further. These factors also make ProVia doors worth the price for many Illinois property owners. 

Contact Us to Learn More About ProVia Doors in Illinois

Are ProVia doors worth the price? Each property owner has to answer that question on their own. Still, if you’re looking for an energy-efficient and durable door with many customization options, ProVia may provide suitable options for you. 

You can learn more about these doors with our team at Opal Enterprises. Call or fill out our online contact form to get started.