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What Weather Will Impact My Windows-Doors Project From Being Installed?

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Installing Windows in the Summer vs. the Winter  Can You Install Windows and Doors in the Rain?  Is the Crew at Risk?  Trust the Professionals for Your Window Installation  Call Opal Exteriors in the Plainfield, IL, Area Today

The weather in the Chicagoland area is fierce. As a Plainfield area homeowner, you want to ensure that when you install new windows or doors, the weather does not hinder the success of your replacement. 

The biggest misconception homeowners have is that contractors cannot complete window installations during the winter. The good news is that windows and doors are installed year-round in various weather conditions. 

Procedures will vary depending on the weather, as the crew’s safety and your home are of the utmost importance. 

Installing Windows in the Summer vs. the Winter 

The process is slightly different in the winter, as the home should not be exposed to the weather. Installers will focus on one window at a time for safety and energy efficiency

The winter has one benefit since installers can often find problem areas that the winter weather brings and the summer does not. You will also have fewer wait times for your installation since not many homeowners are remodeling during the winter. 

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Can You Install Windows and Doors in the Rain? 

Rain can hinder a window and door installation project. Most reputable contractors will not install windows during the rain as the moisture can become trapped and cause your home damage down the line. Once the rainy conditions have subsided, the installation can continue. 

Opal Enterprises will halt all work when there is active rain and commence when it is safe. Remember, rain is not your friend. And if your crew stops working, it is in your best interest. 

Is the Crew at Risk? 

Installation crews are well trained in working under various weather conditions. However, there are temperature limitations they must adhere to. Teams cannot work in 15 degrees and below temperatures in the winter. During the summer, they cannot perform work in temperatures over 100 degrees. 

The crew must stay safe when installing windows in Plainfield, and these extreme weather conditions put them at risk. These temperatures do not harm the materials but can hurt the installation process in other ways. Specifically, Opal Enterprises works with local vendors that make windows and doors for Chicago’s ever-changing and harsh weather

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Trust the Professionals for Your Window Installation 

Just drive around if you are still cautious about beginning installation during the winter. There are dozens of construction sites across Plainfield and the Chicagoland suburbs. You can see for yourself how the materials are safely installed. 

Trust the professionals to decide when to install your windows and doors. New homes are constructed year-round in our city, proving that materials and solvents are safe to use in the winter and other seasons. 

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It is essential to put your faith in Opal Enterprises, as this is what we do day in and day out. Our crews know when to stop a project for safety or weather reasons. When a client attempts to decide for us, this can postpone the project and leave your home exposed. It is best to stick to your original construction schedule. 

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