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When Is It Time to Replace Your Park Ridge, IL, Entry Door?

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Because there are additional openings like garage doors or side doors for residents to enter, many homeowners forget about the significance of an entry door. Even if the entry door is rarely used, the appearance of an entry door still plays an integral role in the appeal of a home. In addition to the home appeal, entry doors play a significant role in security and energy efficiency. Investing in the appearance, durability, and energy efficiency of an entry door can help increase the value of your Park Ridge, IL, home.

When Is It Time to Replace Your Entry Door?

Some homeowners understand the importance of replacing windows that are not energy efficient but do not consider replacing entry doors. There are many benefits to replacing your entry door, such as having the ability to enhance the security features of your home and making your home feel more comfortable. However, how do you know when it is time to replace your Park Ridge, IL, entry door? Here are some common signs that your entry door needs to be replaced.

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There Is Extra Space Around and Under Doors

When your entry door is closed, there should not be any light coming in around the baseline. If the light can pass through the baseline, other debris such as insects, water, and additional air can pass through as well. Older homes especially are prone to cold and hot air drafts, which is another indication of gaps around the framing. If you experience drafts from season to season, that is an indication that the entry door must be replaced.

The Entry Door Contains Damage

Even if the entry door is rarely used, doors endure a lot of wear and tear when they are opened and closed frequently. Some of the noticeable wear and tear that indicates an entry door replacement are dents in the door, rusting, peeling and splitting, and squeaky hinges. Dents are a sign that the entry door’s structure may be compromised. If there is any rust around the entry door, that could signify that moisture has seeped through the baseline and can lead to rot if the door contains a wooden frame. Squeaky hinges on an entry door can indicate that the door is starting to fail.

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There Are Issues with the Lock on the Door

If you have issues with the lock on the door, that is an obvious security problem. A door’s ability to lock is based on how connected it is against the door frame. Old doors that are not tight are a potential safety issue. It makes it easier for someone to break into the house. Failure to properly lock your entry door is an indication that the entry door must be replaced.

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