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When Is It Time to Replace Patio Doors in Downers Grove, IL?

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Allowing a Draft to Seep In Difficulty Opening the Patio Doors Difficulty Locking the Patio Doors Gaps Around the Patio Door Structural Damage Water Seeps Through the Patio Doors Call Opal Exteriors for an Estimate Today

There are so many benefits that patio doors provide a home for homeowners. In addition to providing additional security and energy efficiency, patio doors can serve as an extension of a homeowner’s style. 

But what if you were thinking of replacing the patio doors that your home already has? Would it even make sense to replace the patio doors if recently installed? What is the best time to replace patio doors in Downers Grove, IL?

Allowing a Draft to Seep In

When a patio door allows air to seep through, it is a sign that the doors are not as energy efficient as they should be. Some signs of a drafty patio door are a change in temperature near the doors or the year in which the patio doors were installed. If the patio doors are original to an older home, they could have been constructed with old, energy-inefficient materials.

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Difficulty Opening the Patio Doors

One of the most common reasons to replace patio doors is when opening them becomes complicated. Some common signs that the patio door is broken are when the patio door’s rollers are no longer aligned to the track. 

Before replacing the patio doors, homeowners can clean the track of the patio door and attempt to realign the rollers in the track. Other signs of broken patio doors include broken or bent rollers.

Difficulty Locking the Patio Doors

Like all doors, patio doors need to have a manageable locking device. When homeowners begin to have issues opening and closing the doors or hearing loud noises when the door is being used, it could signify that the door is worn down.

If you wish to replace your door, consult our entry door visualizer to familiarize yourself with different styling options. Our experts will guide you through the selection process and help you find the perfect door for your home.

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Gaps Around the Patio Door

Another potential sign that a patio door can be drafty is when there are large enough spaces around the patio door. These gaps can be created when the door begins to lean to one side. The gaps around the patio doors lead to a reduction in energy for the home and a way to introduce pests and other outside elements into the house.

Structural Damage

When patio doors experience damage from weather elements like hail and high winds, that could be another sign that the doors need to be replaced. Other structural damages that can happen to a patio door include damage from an object like a flying baseball or rocks.

Water Seeps Through the Patio Doors

Another sign that patio doors must be replaced is condensation around the patio door. When water begins to form around the door, drip around the walls, or collect around the patio door, that is a sign that the patio door is starting to lose its efficiency.

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