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What Is a Garage Service Door? What Are Service Door Benefits?  What Is a Patio Door? What Is a Front Door? Opal Enterprises Installs Exterior Doors

Doors are a gateway to what lies behind them, whether it’s another room or the outdoors. There are patio, side, front, and service doors. They offer convenience and ease for Plainfield homeowners. Do you have a service door that needs to be replaced, or are you looking for a new one? Opal has the door solutions you need for your home. 

What Is a Garage Service Door?

You can access your garage through the main overhead door, which lifts up and down, allowing you to exit with your vehicle. Homeowners can also access the garage from the interior of their home through a door. 

A service door, however, is a swing door that is housed within the garage door. It allows easy entry into the garage using the standard door from the exterior of your home. 

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What Are Service Door Benefits? 

A service door has many benefits, including only needing a key as you need for any other entry door. Since the service door lives within the garage door, you do not take additional space, which leaves you more room in the garage. 

Garages are often storage spaces, and you do not want neighbors and strangers to see what you have in your garage with a wide-open garage door. A service door provides access without affecting your privacy. 

A benefit of a service door is that it offers security since the doors open outward. So, if a burglar attempts to break in, they are only hurting their chances by pushing the door further in. Suppose there is a power outage; you can still access your garage through a service door. 

What Is a Patio Door?

Gaining access to your backyard is essential so that you can enjoy your yard, pool, and other backyard amenities. A patio door gives access to the yard and provides natural light since these doors are primarily made of glass. You can opt for a hinged door as well, but glass pane doors are a current trend. 

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What Is a Front Door?

Your front entry door is your Plainfield home’s first impression to guests and passersby. It is also how you gain access to your home from the front yard. Another common term to refer to the front door is the entry door. In either case, they come in wood, fiberglass, or steel. You have plenty of customization options like hardware and decorative glass.  

Opal Enterprises Installs Exterior Doors

Opal installs various doors, but we do not install interior ones, only exterior ones. We can install patio, side, entry, and service doors on your Plainfield home. There are single and double entry door options, sliding doors, french doors, and specialty doors. Additionally, we work with different manufacturers to ensure you have plenty of color and customization options. 

The best way to find the doors that work for your home is by working with a professional Opal team member who can look at the aesthetic of your home and show you custom door options. Contact us by phone or online, or visit our Naperville showroom to check out the different door options available.