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Should I Get a New Entry Door in Fiberglass or Steel?

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  1. Benefits of Fiberglass
  2. Benefits of Steel 
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Your Wheaton entry door is rarely a focus when choosing a home or business property, but it should be. Doors are the first impression of your home and the first line of security. When looking for a new door, many Wheaton homeowners have the choice between fiberglass or steel. Each material has benefits. 

You should assess if those benefits work for your needs. Wood was the go-to option for entry doors but could lack security and require additional maintenance. Opal Enterprises has steel and fiberglass doors available, and we can help you find the best door for you.  

Benefits of Fiberglass

Wheaton homeowners love fiberglass doors, and they are the top replacement choice. Fiberglass doors are best for residences over businesses. Fiberglass is beautiful and can mimic a wooden door’s style. You can choose various wood grain textures so it looks like you have an odeon door and get the benefits of fiberglass. Aside from wood grain features, there are also glass options to choose from, and you can get custom results.

Fiberglass does not shrink, crack, or warp which cannot be said for wood doors. Their endurance is exceptional, especially considering the harsh climate in the area. Backing their endurance are long-lasting warranties. They are also a low-maintenance option for Wheaton homeowners. 

When you clean the doors, you only need mild soap and water. Lastly, fiberglass is energy efficient and secure, meeting Energy Star certification. ProVia has Signet, Heritage, and Embarq for homeowners to pick from. 

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Benefits of Steel 

Commercial property owners prefer steel entry doors, but you can install them on your residential property. Aesthetically you can choose from wood grain textures with various stains and paint finishes. Steel doors are also low maintenance but are susceptible to dents and dings. If your door is damaged, you can use an auto-body repair kit to repair them. There are also warranty options available. 

Steel front doors are top-of-the-line for security on your property. Steel doors are Energy Star certified and higher rated than wood doors. If you choose to implement glass onto the door, it can still maintain that Energy Star rating depending on the features you desire. 

They are also affordable compared to wood. Steel doors are custom built to the property and the features the Wheaton property owner requires. ProVia Legacy Steel is the only steel door offering from the manufacturer, but it has many customization options. 

Opal Enterprises Can Help You Decide

Cost is often a contributing factor in deciding to purchase a new door. Fiberglass and steel doors have varying prices depending on the features you choose to incorporate. Some features that will impact costs are model, hardware, and glass. 

Opal works with several door manufacturers, including ProVia. The company has three fiberglass door options and one steel door option. The choice between fiberglass and steel depends on your needs. Sit with an Opal Enterprises team member at one of our showrooms to discuss your entry door needs.