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Price Ranges For a New Entry Door Installed

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  1. Factors in Entry Door Costs
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Installing a new exterior door with an experienced contractor is the best route. Many people assume this is a DIY job or something a handyperson can do, but the job is far more extensive than you might realize. 

Doing it yourself or hiring a handyperson seems like a cost-saving move, but it can end up costing you more in the long term. If they make a mistake or damage other aspects of your home, you need a professional to come in and install your new entry door and fix any damage left. You must consider many factors towards your entry door price.  

A new entry door installed by a professional will likely cost between $5,000 and $12,000, depending on the options and materials chosen.

Factors in Entry Door Costs

The most significant factor in the price of your new entry door is the materials you choose. You must consider glass choices, sidelights, hardware, and the kind of installation you need. Opal Enterprises installs fiberglass and steel doors, which evens out your price point. The type of installation required will range from cedar siding, vinyl siding, or brick installation. Many entry door installations are in the thousands, much more than some of the estimates you see online. Add-ons are also contributing factors ranging from hardware, smart locks, etc. 

The door type and how many doors you are installing are also important factors. Installing a pre-hung door can take two to three hours, while a door and frame installation can take six to seven hours. Be wary of handypersons or DIYs that take less time. Labor is considered, and while you think you are paying less by hiring a handyman, they might cost you more long term. 

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Prime Materials

Niles homeowners must consider all aspects of hiring contractors to replace their entry doors. One benefit you get by working with a professional is the materials we use. The professional door installers at Opal Enterprises use prime materials. You must first select the type of door you want for your entryway, such as a single or double entry door. Materials such as fiberglass or steel come next. The frame material varies from metal, wood, or composite.

Opal Enterprises partners with several manufacturers to provide exceptional door options for Niles homeowners. Installation is a breeze when you have high-quality products and knowledgeable door installers. 

Lifetime Labor Warranty

Another benefit of working with a contractor over a handyman is the warranty you receive on the workmanship. Handymen and handyman businesses can offer a one-year warranty on the door installation, which seems like a long time, but it is not. 

When you work with Opal Enterprises, we have a lifetime labor warranty for our door installation projects. Niles homeowners can call us with any issues with their entry door, and we can fix them in a jiffy. 

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Opal Enterprises Has Price Options

It is challenging to calculate a price without considering individual factors. You can sit down with an Opal sales representative to discuss your options and find a price that works for you. We also offer financing and special rates so Niles homeowners can get the best door installation. Visit our showroom to get started.