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  1. Types of Exterior Doors 
  2. Costs of Replacement Doors 
  3. Benefits of Exterior Doors 
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Bolingbrook is a southwest suburb in Chicago, and homeowners must ensure they have exterior doors that keep out the weather, noise, and intruders. When homeowners think of exterior doors, their mind typically goes to the front door. 

However, there are many other doors and ways to enter your home. Some homes have side, service, and patio doors in addition to the entry door. When you want to replace your exterior doors, speak with an Opal Enterprises team member to help you decide. 

Types of Exterior Doors 

Opal enterprise can install a range of exterior doors. Your entry door is the access point to your home and impacts your curb appeal. Conversely, your patio door offers you a gateway to your backyard. 

Garage doors can sometimes be inconvenient, but if you put in a service door, you will have easier access and more privacy. Screen and storm doors are additional pieces that protect your home from the elements. 

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Costs of Replacement Doors 

Opal Enterprises has two showrooms where you can get a hands-on look and feel of the door you will have in your home. First, we will determine the doors you need and then find the manufacturer that has options for you. 

Bolingbrook homeowners will need to decide on single or double entry doors. You can choose french, sliding, or hinged for a patio door. There are also different shapes of doors and glass panes you can add. 

You need to consider all these factors in your price. Opal Enterprises offers warranties and special offers that will help you find an affordable price. The materials and manufacturer will also make a difference in your final price. Luckily, Opal sales consultants can offer competitive prices and payment options. 

Benefits of Exterior Doors 

There are many benefits to exterior doors. First, they help to conserve energy because a new door will not have any areas where wind, snow, and other elements can leak into the home. 

Doors also offer you privacy because the outside world cannot look inside, and anyone with nefarious intentions will cause a stir if attempting to enter the home. 

You need a door replacement to ensure you can enter and exit the house during an emergency. If you have a broken door or have to put extra force into opening it, it can cause you more injury and harm than a new one. 

Our doors have best-in-class energy efficiency, durability, and security

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Opal Sales Consultants Make the Process Seamless 

Home construction is overwhelming, and you might wonder where to start and whether you should replace one or all of your doors. Opal sales consultants know there is an abundance of options and decisions you need to make for your new doors. 

There are also materials, manufacturers, colors, and decorative aspects you must choose from. Our sales consultant will work with you to find the exterior doors that work for your home and offer you the benefits you are looking for. 

Visit an Opal Showroom 

You can choose many door styles, and an Opal consultant can ensure you find the best door options for you. We have warranties for labor and pride ourselves on the Opal customer experience. Visit our Naperville showroom to find the exterior door for you, or contact us online or by phone to get started with a product consultation.