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Overall, decorative glass is relatively self-explanatory. It is just that: glass with the decorative elements. Decorative glass also has numerous features. 

First, it is a way to enhance the aesthetics of a space. This could be a design in the glass on a door or a backsplash in the kitchen. Another feature is that it provides privacy. All decorative glass comes in different forms and goes through various production methods. 

At the same time, most decorative glass is excellent for window and door applications. It serves residential uses too. Before we dive into the door and window aspect of decorative glass, it is essential to go over a few types that you may not be familiar with so that you choose the right door.

What Are the Types of Decorative Glass?

Below are a few popular types of decorative glass:

  • Frosted glass: Diffuses or scatters light and has a frosted appearance. Generally, its production includes either etching with chemicals, sandblasting, abrasives, or engraving. As a side note, sandblasting is when high-velocity air sprays a stream of particles against the surface to create this effect.
  • Laser-etched: Glass involves engraving an image into the surface while using laser technology. Etching allows for a very detailed engraving.
  • Patterned glass: The surface has an imprint with a texture or pattern at high temperatures while in a malleable state. 
  • Silvered glass: Consists of colored glass pieces combined with forming decorative designs like those in church windows.
  • Painted/back painted glass: Opaque glass surface in a total coating, like silicone. It is obtainable in solid and metallic.
  • Fritted glass: Achieves its look when ceramic enamel fires onto glass at extremely high temperatures. 
  • Digital art glass: Digital images that print onto glass or films that apply to glass.
  • Fused glass: Melting in a kiln and fusing to or more colors of glass.
  • Laminated decorative glass: Is two or more pieces of glass that bond with a plastic interlayer in the middle. Interlayers may be transparent, translucent, and opaque forms with colors and designs.

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What Is the Purpose of Decorative Glass?

Decorative glass is an upgrade that increases the resale value of the home. The concept of decorative glass is a much more appealing feature for homeowners. It boosts privacy while at the same time allowing natural light to flow within a dwelling. With this form of glass, it isn’t easy to discern what is on the other side. 

Maintaining Decorative Glass

Even if you replace your standard transparent entryway glass with something elegant, you don’t need to sacrifice thermal performance. Designers can implement decorative glass into an insulating glass unit like the one you may have before. Low emissivity coatings can still improve performance and minimize the effect of UV rays.

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