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Do I Replace Just the Door Slab or the Entire Door Frame Unit?

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Signs You Need a New Door Frame Signs You Need a New Door Slab Replacing Your Entire Unit Is Best Replacing One Door Slab Opal Enterprises Can Replace Your Door Unit

Your door shows the world who you are and is a significant source of curb appeal for your home. It also offers security and protection from the outside. You should replace the entire unit when your door is worn or damaged. 

You can replace the door without replacing the frame, but whether or not it is a benefit to your home is something you should consider. Opal Enterprises can find the solution that works best for your home.

Signs You Need a New Door Frame

You walk through your door frame every day and notice when it becomes an eyesore, but many Romeoville homeowners don’t always realize the damage that eyesore has. Sometimes the frame can be repaired, but you need a complete replacement other times. Look for these signs to indicate it is time to replace the door frame:

  • Dents
  • Deep scratches
  • Wood rot and other conditions
  • Warping 

When your door frame has substantial damage, you must replace the door frame, slab, and door. Failure to replace one can damage the others leading to more problems later. 

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Signs You Need a New Door Slab

Door slabs are pre-cut pieces of wood that come in the shape of the door, some with decorative elements or windows, others completely solid. There are no hardware attachments. Finding the damage on a door slab is difficult unless you look carefully. Deep scratches and dents are apparent signs, but you should also check the knob and deadbolt to ensure they fit securely. 

Check and see how your door hangs and if it looks different or damaged. Romeoville homeowners must also check the hinges and their attachments to look for cracks and broken wood. Some issues can be resolved with insulation or another adjustment, while others require unit replacements. 

Replacing Your Entire Unit Is Best

When deciding whether to replace your door slab or the entire unit, consider function, security, appearance, and costs. Replacing the whole unit has many benefits, like starting with new materials throughout. 

When you have all elements that fit together, it creates a cohesive unit without any adjustments needed. Replacing the entire unit also increases your curb appeal and ensures you have a warranty for all parts. 

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Replacing One Door Slab

When you replace one door slab, one of the biggest challenges is the size of the new slap. Your door frame will look old and worn down against a new door slab. Each slab comes in different sizes, and it is best to combine the correct sizes instead of replacing one and then being unable to find another size that fits. 

The installer must chisel cutouts for the hinges and other elements if you replace a door without replacing the frame. It is a very complex process.

Opal Enterprises Can Replace Your Door Unit

There are many elements to your door unit, and it is crucial to understand how they all work before you start changing them. 

Romeoville homeowners want a functioning unit, and the best option is to replace the entire door instead of a single slab. When looking for a new door, visit the Opal Enterprises showroom.